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🐺🎇 ❤️‍🔥 Fire Wolf: Witch Shifter Clan 1 by C.D. Gorri 🐺🎇 ❤️‍🔥

Secrets. Magic. Forbidden Passion. This Wolf is breaking all the rules!

❤️‍🔥 ❤️‍🔥

With her thirtieth birthday fast approaching, Martina Harbor is coming home to celebrate the day she shares with her two sisters. Little does she know her big brother and his mate have invited the whole dang town to join in the festivities.

Things might have changed with the local Wolf Pack, but after spending her entire life hiding what she is from the very Shifters she’s eating cake with has Martina more than a little confused. Is she just supposed to forget about the past?

Why were her siblings okay with this? And who the heck was the hunky guy who kept sniffing her whenever she walked past?

Could someone explain what the actual heck was going on?

Mitchell Truman is a Wolf Shifter comfortable in his own skin. Happy go lucky, that’s his vibe. He had friends, money, and was always a shoe in with the ladies. But one look at Martina Harbor and his bachelor days are a thing of the past! He knows she belongs to him. With his inner beast scratching against his skin, there is no doubt in his mind the female is his fated mate. But there’s more than meets the eye with this fiery Wolf.

Will Martina brush Mitchell off, or will they light fires together?

#cdgorribooks #wolfshifters #witchromance #paranormalromancebooks #availablewide

On inspiration…

So I get asked a lot of the times where I get inspiration for my writing and honestly it just comes from anywhere. A song, a sentence, a smell, something I remember after years of not even thinking about it.

But also, I have to admit I get a lot of inspiration for characters from movies and television. Not plots. Characters.

Anyway…someone who never fails to inspire me when I am writing a romantic hero is #JamesSpader. Maybe it’s because I grew up in the 80s and his characters were often morally gray bad guys, but let’s face it, who doesn’t love a bad guy? Am I right?

More recently, I binge-watched the Blacklist and I was both elated and shocked to see this smexy man has still got it! Appearances change and we all age, but the man still gives hands down the most intense romantic mind-blowing onscreen kisses I have ever seen.

So…where I get inspiration for my writing? Everywhere. But when I need to write a good kissing scene…James Spader is the man.

#alwaysafan #bestkisser #hotlips #c#cdgorribooks

⏰⏰⏰ Tick tock…

Unbearable by C.D. Gorri is coming in just 1 week! Did you order yours?

Can an ex-Alpha and his housekeeper find common ground when the kids are all grown?

🐻 Second Chance Romance ✅

🐻 Fated Mates ✅

🐻 Mature Couple Over 50 ✅

🐻 Steamy Scenes ✅

🐻 Beary Happy Ending ✅

The Barvale Clan Den has been a place of refuge for all members of the Bear Shifter Clan in good standing since Iggy Devlin’s great-grandfather built the place. But with his cubs all grown, and his retirement kicking in, the old Black Bear just can’t seem to settle. It doesn’t help that wherever he goes, she’s there! Always underfoot, er, claw.

Clary Aylin has been the Devlin family housekeeper since her mate died when she was barely out of her twenties. With no cubs of her own, watching those boys grow and having a hand in raising them was one of the greatest pleasures of her life.

She’s kept her feelings for their father under wraps for decades, but what’s she going to do now that the kids are all gone and all that’s left is the sexy, growly curmudgeon of a Bear himself?

Iggy Devlin has never looked at her as anything other than a maid. Is he capable of change or are some things too ingrained? Clary has a decision to make. Tell him the truth or quit her job.

But will leaving prove unbearable for this smitten Sow?

#cdgorribooks #barvaleclan #fatedmates #bearshifter #paranormalromance



Earth Witch – Aug 8

The Hybrid Shifter – Aug 11


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JULY New Releases, Sales, Freebies & More



Unexpected Protector

Bearly Friends

Hungry as Her Python

Alien Protector

Wolf’s Scottish Geek


Passion for Blue Bloods by P Mattern

Every Rejection You Make, book 2 in the Faerell series by TJ Bell. A rejected mates wolf shifter romance. Releases 7/11/2023. Wide.

Scales Of Honesty (An Egyptian Empire Story) by Laura Greenwood (wide)

Eve Riley

A Touch of Prophesy by Lyssa Lund

Zeus: Speed Dating with the Denizens of the Underworld by Fiona Starr

Realm of Sin by KC Kingmaker

Forbidden Ice Prince by Ariel Renner

Blood of the Lost by Ariel Dawn

Undercover Bear by Bethany Shaw

Branded in love by Silvana G Sanchez

Chosen Wolf by Jena Gregoire

Vampire’s Forbidden Mate by Lexie K. Stone

Blue by Victoria Jayne

Forbidden Fates by Candice Bundy & Piper Fox

Cursed by Melissa Riddell


From C.D. Gorri

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Asterion: Speed Dating with the Denizens of the Underworld 

Tiger Rejected

Pinch of Sass

Purrfectly Paired

Guardians of Chaos Volume 1

Guardians of Chaos Volume 2

Hearts of Stone Books 1-3 Boxed Set


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Dragon It’s Cold Outside by Julia Mills

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The Blood Chronicles: Paris by Julie Morgan

Potion Making For Disastrous Witches (Obscure Academy #5) by Laura Greenwood:

The Baklava Witch (Broomstick Bakery #4) by Laura Greenwood:

The Otter and the Officer (The Shifter Season #5) by Laura Greenwood:

Witch’s Frost (A Purple Oasis Story) by Laura Greenwood:

Triton: Speed Dating with the Denizens of the Underworld by Quell T. Fox

Blood & Ash by Ariel Dawn:

Damien by Eve Riley


from C.D. Gorri

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Wide authors like me often have ebooks available through public libraries that you can access through sites like Hoopla and Overdrive.

The reason I have removed 99% of my books from KU is simple. KU demands exclusivity and if I did that I would have to say goodbye to libraries and other stores like Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and Apple. I want to reach as many readers as I can, so going wide just made sense for me.

Here is a list of libraries you can still use for folks who live out of the area:

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For those of you in the US without Hoopla at your local library, you can get it (and Libby) thru Stark Library in Ohio as a non-resident for $30 a year.

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THANK YOU so much for reading my post!


C.D. Gorri


Here I am on Hoopla


Hello awesome readers!

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