Tiger Rejected

An Island Stripe Pride Tale

Can a Tiger with a bad rep win a Bunny with a heart of gold?

Ever since Mara Casabella’s sister mated a Pride Enforcer it’s been nothing but Tigers running around her once quaint hometown. These felines are furr-ociously ill-mannered and conceited to boot. Mara doesn’t have time for their games.
But what’s a Bunny to do when a cocky tom-Cat starts sniffing around her cutesy cottontail? Run, that’s what! And if that doesn’t work, rejecting him in front of his whole crew should.
Bruno D’Italia is a smooth-talking Tiger with no problem notching his bed post at home. When he’s assigned to the security detail at the Island Pride Mountain Resort, Bruno assumes it’s going to be easy pickins with the local ladies. He’s set his sights on one smexy kit, but this female wants nothing to do with him. 
Can Bruno handle the rejection, or will he use every trick in the book till this little Bunny says yes?

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Series Reviews

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “Bruno wants to change, he is tired of being just brawn and a notch on someone’s bedpost and his beast is beyond sure Mara is for them… But she rejects him time and again so what can a tiger do? I loved the chemistry between these two, and the comical relief isn’t too bad either but oh lord when things steam up they burn! And this lil bunny is no pushover no matter how big the beast.” -BookNookNuts
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “loved it !! love this series !! love Mara and Bruno… this is their story..a fast paced action packed drama.. Mara runs from Bruno… she doesn’t plan on being another notch on his bed post… Mara is a bunny.. Bruno a rare white tiger… they are mates but… she rejects him.. and runs.. both have trauma.. can they have a HEA ? so good !!!” -Bookbub Reviewer