Readers beware… here be Dragons!

After 500 years of servitude, these sexy Dragon males must find and woo their modern mates. Read the Falk Clan Tales today and discover unique Dragon Shifters and their journey to true love.

Maccon City is in for a thrill when a group of sexy Dragon Shifters comes to town, seeking sanctuary and looking for their mates. Building a castle is the easy part, filling it with love is the challenge.

Will they succeed? Read to find out!

This series began with four Falk brothers and their quests to find their mates, but since its inception has evolved to include a long lost brother, and a few other Dragons in need of true love!

Each of the Dragons in this series has a mark on his chest of his rose. It is the magical link to his heart and his magic. A matching gemstone goes with it and it can only be gifted to a true mate.

I hope you enjoy these fast paced, insta-love, happy ever after tales! Each one was written with a touch of humor and a pinch of sass.

Happy Reading!