The Curse of St. Natalis

Hello Readers,

For me, the world of paranormal and urban fantasy books is full of endless possibilities. My goal as a writer is to introduce old ideas through new characters and situations, and hopefully, I can entertain you while trying to do just that!

All of my books are set in the same paranormal world and mainly take place in my home state of New Jersey. I call it the Grazi Kelly Universe in honor of my first heroine, Maria Graziana Kelly aka Grazi (grah-tzee). Characters and creatures overlap, but each series can be read alone.

So far, I’ve expanded this world to encompass many supernatural creatures including Wolf Shifters, Witches, Demons, Dragons, Bears, Foxes, Vampires, and even Jersey Devils. It is my intention to continue to build this world with every book I write. Bringing sassy heroines and larger than life heroes to entertain you with their sexy and humorous tales of HEA love in every volume is my ultimate goal.

I first began this journey with my clean YA/Urban Fantasy books, the Grazi Kelly Novel Series where I introduced the Curse of Natalis. whether you read those books or not, you might have heard references to this curse in other series, including the Macconwood Pack Novel Series.

Natalis was an abbot before he became a saint, preaching Christianity to supernatural folk. Because of a trespass, he doomed Werewolves, or Wolf Shifters, to be bound to the cycle of the moon. The night of the full moon was the only time a Wolf could switch from skin to fur, and that ability became both blessing and curse to those men and women. Depression, anxiety, and overwhelming sadness plagued the world’s Wolf Packs, making Werewolves unstable and cruel. The Curse of Natalis held for a thousand years, but there was always hope.

Below is the prophecy foretelling events that transpire in the Grazi Kelly books:

Against the dark ones to unite them
The Wolf from the West will rise
Enemies, friends to war
Who seeks truth with closed eyes
And God in His Heaven
While empires burn
Light within dark
The rebellion ends
The Wolf destroys all
And new dawn begins

Thank you so much for giving my worlds a chance. My readers are the best and I want to thank you for taking the time to come visit me here.

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del mare alla stella,

C.D. Gorri