Spring Fling

by C.D. Gorri & P. Mattern

Spring is in the air—

and so is monkey poo, when fated mates connect at the zoo.

Since her graduation with two degrees from a tony university, Michelle Margaret Maypo, a curvy and quick witted young woman approaching her thirties, has been at loose ends. Lovingly known as Shelly to her friends and family, she writes feature articles for the local paper the ‘Cape Coast Crier’ but yearns for more excitement in her life.

Mixing business and pleasure, Shelly agrees to a date to the City Zoo where she is to cover the grand reopening. While perusing the grounds, she encounters the incredibly handsome Dr. Gabriel Ramos, Zoologist and Cape Coast Zoo Director.

Her date pales in comparison to the virile male. And something about him seems to call to her. Is it Shelly’s imagination or does the smexy veterinarian have a secret?

That mystery would just have to wait after she meets some rowdy and precocious apes who set her on a path to her true destiny as an ace PI.

Can Shelly trust her natural intuition and fledgling practicing witch skills to take on a very clever killer who has local Police completely stumped?

Find out in this hilarious witch PI cozy mystery!