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In the meantime, here are my latest:

Tempting Her Protector TBR August 14

Wolf Shield  (#1 New Release)

Conall's Mate TBR September 1

Purrfectly Caught (#1 New Release)

Mine Furever (#1 New Release & #1 BestSeller) 

A Bear For Christmas (#1 New Release & #1 BestSeller)

Grizzly Lover: Purely Paranormal Pleasures (#1 New Release)

Polar Outbreak (#1 New Release)

Chinchilla and the Devil: EveL Worlds FUC Academy 

Trusting Her Protector 

Wolf Moon is now an audiobook!

Charley's Christmas Wolf is now an audiobook!

Boxed Sets now available wide:

The Complete Grazi Kelly Novel Series 

Destined Mates: Purely Paranormal Pleasures Boxed Set 

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