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My thoughts and prayers are with everyone currently dealing with this pandemic worldwide. We will get through this together.



The Enforcer will be live on KU 4/6/20!

Purrfectly Trapped is coming April 2020!

Breaking Sass is coming May 2020!

Vampire Lover: Purely Paranormal Pleasures is now available wide.

Hearts & Bite Marks: A Valentine's Anthology is now available on KU!

Shake That Sass: Sassy Ever After: Dire Wolf Mates Book 1 is is now available on KU.

Look for my book FOSTER in Dark Moon Falls Volume 2 coming May 5, 2020!

Chinchilla and the Devil: EveL Worlds FUC Academy coming June 2020!


Polar Outbreak is coming May 15th!

Wolf Moon is now just #99cents and you can get it WIDE.

The Complete Grazi Kelly Novel Series Boxed Set is now just $9.99 ON SALE $4.99 thru April 12!

Destined Mates: Purely Paranormal Pleasures Boxed Set is now available wide.

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