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The Grazi Kelly Universe is the fictional world that I write all of my books in, so named for the heroine of my YA series and my first ever book, Wolf Moon. In the GK Universe, Weres and/or Shifters live alongside normals and/or humans, but remain secret.

Organizations such as the Hounds of God, the Wardens of Terra, the Guardians, Dhampirs, and various Clans/Packs roam the Earth for its protection and for the protection of the supernatural world.

​Sometimes I get to play in other authors’ shared worlds. You can find me in MT Worlds, EveL Worlds, Howls Romance, Purely Paranormal Pleasures, and and Crimson Moon Hideaway. More to come…  

​Each series can be read alone, some books as well, but as with most things, it is better together.

​Thank you and happy reading!

del mare alla stella,

C.D. Gorri


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Books by Series:

Young Adult Books:

The Grazi Kelly Novel Series:

Wolf Moon: A Grazi Kelly Novel Book 1

Hunter Moon: A Grazi Kelly Novel Book 2

Rebel Moon: A Grazi Kelly Novel Book 3

Winter Moon: A Grazi Kelly Novel Book 4

Chasing The Moon: A Grazi Kelly Short 5

Blood Moon: A Grazi Kelly Novel #6

*The Complete Grazi Kelly Novel Series (One Book Boxed Set) is now an ebook and in print

The Angela Tanner Files:

Casting Magic: The Angela Tanner Files #1 (as seen in Happily Furever After)

Keeping Magic: The Angela Tanner Files #2 ( new edition releasing 2022)

COMING 2024: Taming Magic: The Angela Tanner Files #3

COMING 2026: Reading Pavement: An Alessio Kristos Book

Paranormal Romance Books:

Macconwood Pack Novel Series:

Charley’s Christmas Wolf: A Macconwood Pack Novel #1

Cat’s Howl: A Macconwood Pack Novel #2

Code Wolf: A Macconwood Pack Novel #3

The Witch and The Werewolf: A Macconwood Pack Novel #4

To Claim a Wolf: A Macconwood Pack Novel #5

Conall’s Mate: A Macconwood Pack Novel #6

Her Solstice Wolf: A Macconwood Pack Novel #7

COMING SOON: Werewolf Fever: A Macconwood Pack Novel #8

Macconwood Pack Tales Series:

Wolf Bride: The Tale Of Ailis and Eoghan: The Macconwood Pack Tales 1 

Summer Bite: Mason and Abigail: The Macconwood Pack Tales 2

His Winter Mate: Mike and Claire: The Macconwood Pack Tales 3

Charley’s Baby Surprise: Rafe and Charley: The Macconwood Pack Tales 4

Snow Angel: Cael and Rayne: The Macconwood Pack Tales 5

Home For The Howlidays: David and Cassie: The Macconwood Pack Tales 6

A Silver Wedding: Matt and Lilly: The Macconwood Pack Tales 7

Mine Furever: Jordan and Isadora: The Macconwood Pack Tales 8 

A Furry Little Christmas: Logan and Stephanie: The Macconwood Pack Tales 9

Available BOXED SETS:

The Macconwood Pack Tales Volume 1


Wolf Bride

Summer Bite

Charley’s Baby Surprise

​Shifters Furever:  The Macconwood Pack Tales Volume 2


His Winter Mate

Snow Angel

Home For The Howlidays

The Falk Clan Tales:

The Dragon’s Valentine: A Falk Clan Novel #1

The Dragon’s Christmas Gift: A Falk Clan Novel #2

The Dragon’s Heart: A Falk Clan Novel #3

The Dragon’s Secret: A Falk Clan Novel #4

The Dragon’s Treasure: A Falk Clan Novel #5

*Dragon Mates: The Falk Clan Complete Series Books 1-4

The Bear Claw Tales:

Bearly Breathing: A Bear Claw Tale #1

Bearly There: A Bear Claw Tale #2

Bearly Tamed: A Bear Claw Tale #3

Bearly Mated: A Bear Claw Tale #4

The Bear Claw Tales Boxed Set

The Barvale Clan Tales:

Polar Opposites: The Barvale Clan Tales #1

Polar Outbreak: The Barvale Clan Tales #2

Polar Compound: The Barvale Clan Tales #3

Polar Curve: The Barvale Clan Tales #4

The Barvale Clan Tales 1-4 Boxed Set

Barvale Holiday Tales:

A Bear For Christmas: A Barvale Christmas Tale: Barvale Holiday Tales 1

Hers to Bear: A Barvale Halloween Tale: Barvale Holiday Tales 2

Thank You Beary Much: A Barvale Halloween Tale: Barvale Holiday Tales 3

Barvale Holiday Tales Books 1-3

Purely Paranormal Romance Books: 

Marked by the Devil

Mated to the Dragon King

Claimed by the Demon

Christmas with a Devil, a Dragon King & a Demon

Vampire Lover

Grizzly Lover

Elvish Lover

Hot Dire Wolf Nights

Christmas With Her Chupacabra

The Wardens of Terra:

Bound by Air: The Wardens of Terra Book 1

Star Kissed: The Wardens of Terra Book 2

Waterlocked: The Wardens of Terra Book 3

Moon Kissed: The Wardens of Terra Book 4

The Maverick Pride Tales:

Purrfectly Mated: Paranormal Dating Agency: Maverick Pride Tales Book 1

Purrfectly Kissed: Paranormal Dating Agency: Maverick Pride Tales Book 2

Purrfectly Trapped: Paranormal Dating Agency: Maverick Pride Tales Book 3

Purrfectly Caught: Paranormal Dating Agency: Maverick Pride Tales Book 4

Purrfectly Naughty: Paranormal Dating Agency: Maverick Pride Tales Book 5

Purrfectly Bound: Paranormal Dating Agency: Maverick Pride Tales Book 6

Tower Hearts Tales:

Falcon’s Heart

Dire Wolf Mates:

Shake That Sass

Breaking Sass

Pinch of Sass

EveL Worlds Books: FUCN’A (FUC Academy):

Chinchilla and the Devil

Sammi and the Jersey Bull

Mouse and the Ball

Wyvern Protection Unit:

Trusting Her Protector

Tempting Her Protector

Tricking Her Protector

Coming 2023:

Thrilling Her Protector

Guardians of Chaos:

Wolf Shield

Dragon Shield

Stallion Shield

Panther Shield

Howls Romance (Maccon City Shifters):

Mated to the Werewolf Next Door

The Tiger King’s Christmas Bride

Claiming His Virgin Mate

Twice Mated Tales:

Doubly Claimed

Doubly Bound

Doubly Tied

Twice Mated Tales Books 1-3

Crimson Moon Hideaway:

Shadow Kissed

Hearts of Stone Series:

Shifter Mountain

Shifter City

Coming Soon: Shifter Valley

Accidentally Undead Series

Fangs For Nothin’

Coming soon: For Fangs Sake

NYC Shifters Tales

Cuff Linked

Coming Soon: Sealed Fate

Island Stripe Pride

Tiger Claimed

Tiger Denied

Mated in Hope Falls

Mated By Moonlight (Beating Hearts Antho)

Speed Dating With the Denizens of The Underworld (shared world):


Coming Soon: Arachne

Witches of Westwood Academy with Gina Kincade:

Coming Soon:

Water Witch (in Midnight Magic)

Air Witch (Rituals & Runes)

Earth Witch

Fire Witch

Spirit Witch


Blood Song

The Enforcer 

Sweet As Candy (as seen with Once Upon An Ever After Boxed Set)

Coming Soon:

The Were


As per the request of some of my readers, I will add to this as I have the time. I hope it helps! 🙂

​Grazi – GRAH-TZEE

​Ronan – RO-NIN

​Eoghan – OWEN


Maccon – MEY-KUHN or MAY-KUN

Rafe – RAY-PH

Tulla – TOOL-LUH

Rei – RAY

Neta – NEH-TAH

Nari – NAH-REE

​Puspa – POOSH-PAH​

An Unofficial Glossary of Italian-American Words used in my books…

Minchia – (meeng-ya) male genital organ

Pasticcino – (past-ee-chino) cupcake

Oofa – (oo-fah) emphatic sigh

Strunz – (stroo-nz) literally a turd

Malocchio – (mal-ok-yo) evil eye

Nonna – (no-na) Grandmother

Panella – (pa-nella) round Italian bread

To Voglio – (tee vol-yo) I want you

Calmati – (calm-a-tee) Calm yourself

Bella/o – beautiful

Bellissimo/a – most beautiful

Fuhgeddaboudit – how wise guys say forget about it

Mannaggia – (mah-na-gee-ah) May evil take you (like wishing bad luck on someone)

Madonna mia – My Lady – referring to Mary, praise Mary, etc… it’s used as an expression

Mangia – (mah-n-j-ah) Eat

Simpatico – sympathetic/on the same wavelength