List of Books by Series

Books by Series

Young Adult Books/Urban Fantasy Books

The Grazi Kelly Novel Series

Wolf Moon A Grazi Kelly Novel Book 1
Hunter Moon A Grazi Kelly Novel Book 2
Rebel Moon A Grazi Kelly Novel Book 3
Winter Moon A Grazi Kelly Novel Book 4
Chasing The Moon A Grazi Kelly Short 5
Blood Moon A Grazi Kelly Novel #6
*The Complete Grazi Kelly Novel Series (One Book Boxed Set) is now an ebook
and in print (Look for the rest of her story in 2025 with the High Alpha Tales Series)

​The Angela Tanner Files (From the Grazi Kelly Universe)

Casting Magic The Angela Tanner Files #1
Keeping Magic The Angela Tanner Files #2
*The Angela Tanner Files boxed set available in print only

G’Witches Magical Mysteries Series 

(co-written with P. Mattern)

G’Witches 2 The Harpy Harbinger
G’Witches 3 Summoning Secrets
*G’Witches Books 1-3 is now available in a boxed set

Witches of Westwood Academy (with Gina Kincade)

Water Witch (Midnight Magic)
Air Witch (Rituals & Runes)
Fire Witch (Sigils & Spells)
Earth Witch (Castings & Curses)
Blood Witch
Spirit Witch

Paranormal Romance Books

Macconwood Pack Novel Series

Charley’s Christmas Wolf A Macconwood Pack Novel #1
Cat’s Howl A Macconwood Pack Novel #2
Code Wolf A Macconwood Pack Novel #3
The Witch and The Werewolf A Macconwood Pack Novel #4
To Claim a Wolf A Macconwood Pack Novel #5
Conall’s Mate A Macconwood Pack Novel #6
Her Solstice Wolf A Macconwood Pack Novel #7
Werewolf Fever A Macconwood Pack Novel #8
*Paperback/Hardcover discreet editions are now available. 

Macconwood Pack Tales Series

Wolf Bride The Tale Of Ailis and Eoghan The Macconwood Pack Tales 1 
Summer Bite Mason and Abigail The Macconwood Pack Tales 2
His Winter Mate Mike and Claire The Macconwood Pack Tales 3
Charley’s Baby Surprise Rafe and Charley The Macconwood Pack Tales 4
Snow Angel Cael and Rayne The Macconwood Pack Tales 5
Home For The Howlidays David and Cassie The Macconwood Pack Tales 6
A Silver Wedding Matt and Lilly The Macconwood Pack Tales 7
Mine Furever Jordan and Isadora The Macconwood Pack Tales 8 
A Furry Little Christmas Logan and Stephanie The Macconwood Pack Tales 9
The Wolf’s Winter Wish Cannon and Eira The Macconwood Pack Tales 10
Mated to the Werewolf Next Door Foster and Lydia The Macconwood Pack Tales
Wolf’s Scottish Geek Arran and Delia The Macconwood Pack Tales 12
No Otter Lover Diego and Shadow The Macconwood Pack Tales 13
His Lucky Moon Mate Binder and Shannon The Macconwood Pack Tales 14
Available BOXED SETS
The Macconwood Pack Tales Volume 1
Includes Wolf Bride, Summer Bite, Charley’s Baby Surprise
​Shifters Furever The Macconwood Pack Tales Volume 2
Includes His Winter Mate, Snow Angel, Home For The Howlidays
Shifters Furbidden The Macconwood Pack Tales Volume 3
Includes A Silver Wedding, Mine Furever, A Furry Little Christmas
Shifters Fur Keeps The Macconwood Pack Tales Volume 4
Includes The Wolf’s Winter Wish, Mated to the werewolf Next Door, Wolf’s Scottish geek

The Falk Clan Tales

The Dragon’s Valentine A Falk Clan Novel #1
The Dragon’s Christmas Gift A Falk Clan Novel #2
The Dragon’s Heart A Falk Clan Novel #3
The Dragon’s Secret A Falk Clan Novel #4
The Dragon’s Treasure A Falk Clan Novel #5
The Dragon’s Surprise A Falk Clan Novel #6
The Dragon’s Dream A Falk Clan Novel #7
Dragon Mates The Falk Clan Books 1-4
Dragon Mates 2 The Falk Clan Books 5-7

The Bear Claw Tales

Bearly Breathing A Bear Claw Tale #1
Bearly There A Bear Claw Tale #2
Bearly Tamed A Bear Claw Tale #3
Bearly Mated A Bear Claw Tale #4
The Bear Claw Tales Boxed Set

The Barvale Clan Tales

Polar Opposites The Barvale Clan Tales #1
Polar Outbreak The Barvale Clan Tales #2
Polar Compound The Barvale Clan Tales #3
Polar Curve The Barvale Clan Tales #4
The Barvale Clan Tales 1-4 Boxed Set

Barvale Holiday Tales

A Bear For Christmas A Barvale Christmas Tale Barvale Holiday Tales 1
Hers to Bear A Barvale Halloween Tale Barvale Holiday Tales 2
Thank You Beary Much A Barvale Halloween Tale Barvale Holiday Tales 3
Bearing Gifts A Barvale Holiday Tale Barvale Holiday Tales 4
Bearly Friends A Barvale Holiday Tale Barvale Holiday Tales 5
Unbearable A Barvale Holiday Tale Barvale Holiday Tales 6
*Barvale Holiday Tales Books 1-3

Purely Paranormal Romance Books 

Marked by the Devil
Mated to the Dragon King
Claimed by the Demon
Christmas with a Devil, a Dragon King & a Demon
Vampire Lover
Grizzly Lover
Christmas With Her Chupacabra
*Purely Paranormal Romance Books Volume 1 (Books 1-4)

The Wardens of Terra

Bound by Air The Wardens of Terra Book 1
Star Kissed The Wardens of Terra Book 2
Waterlocked The Wardens of Terra Book 3
Moon Kissed The Wardens of Terra Book 4
*The Wardens of Terra Books 1-4

The Maverick Pride Tales

Purrfectly Mated Book 1
Purrfectly Kissed Book 2
Purrfectly Trapped Book 3
Purrfectly Caught Book 4
Purrfectly Naughty Book 5
Purrfectly Bound Book 6
Purrfectly Paired Book 7
Purrfectly Timed Book 8
Purrfectly F*cked Book 9

Dire Wolf Mates

Shake That Sass
Breaking Sass
Pinch of Sass
Kickin’ Sass (formerly Hot Dire Wolf Nights)
Love That Sass
Kiss My Sass

Jersey Sure Shifters/FUCN’A (FUC Academy)

Chinchilla and the Devil
Sammi and the Jersey Bull
Mouse and the Ball
Chickee and the Paparazzi
*Jersey Sure Shifters Boxed Set Books 1-3

Wyvern Protection Unit

Gift Wrapped Protector (formerly Trusting Her Protector)
Tempted By Her Protector (formerly Tempting Her Protector)
Alien Protector (formerly Tricking Her Protector)
Unexpected Protector (formerly Elvish Lover)
Thrilled By Her Protector

Guardians of Chaos

Wolf Shield
Dragon Shield
Stallion Shield
Panther Shield
Witch Shield
Vampire Shield
Guardians of Chaos Volume 1 Books 1-3
Guardians of Chaos Volume 2 Books 4-6 

Twice Mated Tales

Doubly Claimed
Doubly Bound
Doubly Tied
Twice Mated Tales Books 1-3

Hearts of Stone Series

Shifter Mountain
Shifter City
Shifter Village
Shifter Scrooge
Shifter CEO

NYC Shifters Tales

Cuff Linked
Sealed Fate
Virtue Saved
Mated in the Big City: Books 1-3

Island Stripe Pride

The Tiger King’s Christmas Bride
Claiming His Virgin Mate
Tiger Claimed
Tiger Denied
Tiger Rejected
Tiger Tales Boxed Set Includes The Tiger King’s Christmas Mate, Claiming His Virgin Mate, Tiger Claimed

Mated in Hope Falls

Mated By Moonlight 

Moongate Island Mates

Moongate Island Mate
Moongate Island Christmas Claim
Accidentally Undead on Moongate Island

Speed Dating With the Denizens of The Underworld (shared world)


Hungry Fur Love

Hungry Like Her Wolf
Hungry For Her Bear
Hungry As Her Python

Howlin Good Fairytale Retellings

Sweet As Candy
If the Shoe Fits

Witch Shifter Clan

The Hybrid Assassin
Fire Wolf
Snow Fox
River Dragon


Blood Song
The Enforcer 
Spring Fling

Contemporary Romance

Cherry on Top Tales

Her Yule His Log
His Carrot Her Muffin
Her Chocolate His Bar
His Pickle Her Jam

Wild Billionaire Romance

His Wild Obsession
His Wild Temptation
His Wild Seduction
His Wild Attraction

Jersey Bad Boys

Merciful Lies



As per the request of some of my readers, I will add to this as I have the time. I hope it helps! 🙂

​Grazi – GRAH-TZEE
​Ronan – RO-NIN
​Eoghan – OWEN
Maccon – MEY-KUHN or MAY-KUN
Rafe – RAY-PH
Tulla – TOOL-LUH
Rei – RAY
Neta – NEH-TAH
Nari – NAH-REE
​Puspa – POOSH-PAH​
Adrik – Ade-drick
Marat – Meh-rut

An Unofficial Glossary of Italian-American Words used in my books…

Minchia – (meeng-ya) male genital organ
Pasticcino – (past-ee-chino) cupcake
Oofa – (oo-fah) emphatic sigh
Strunz – (stroo-nz) literally a turd
Malocchio – (mal-ok-yo) evil eye
Nonna – (no-na) Grandmother
Panella – (pa-nella) round Italian bread
To Voglio – (tee vol-yo) I want you
Calmati – (calm-a-tee) Calm yourself
Bella/o – beautiful
Bellissimo/a – most beautiful
Fuhgeddaboudit – how wise guys say forget about it
Mannaggia – (mah-na-gee-ah) May evil take you (like wishing bad luck on someone)
Madonna mia – My Lady – referring to Mary, praise Mary, etc… it’s used as an expression
Mangia – (mah-n-j-ah) Eat
Simpatico – sympathetic/on the same wavelength