His Wild Obsession

He’s a hardened ex-criminal. She’s a single mother with too much at

Adrik Volkov worked hard to wipe the slate clean of his criminal past. He
busted his butt bringing Volkov Industries into the 21st century. But it’s been
worth it. His company’s patented mining techniques for harvesting rare earth
metals used in electronics and smart tech have made him a billionaire.

Instead of breaking legs, attending parties with people he neither likes nor
understands is now part of his job. But money can’t erase his harsh upbringing.
Once a brawler, always a brawler. But those skills come in handy when he sees a
woman being accosted by a lowlife in a tailored suit.

Sofia DiFalco is more than a damsel in distress. The curvy stranger makes
his body buzz with desire and his hard heart beat a little faster. From the
second he sees her, Adrik wants only one thing. Sofia in his bed. But after one
tantalizing night, she disappears without a trace.

He tries to forget her, but she’s an obsession he can’t let go of.

His Carrot Her Muffin

Provided links go to the Eat Your Heart Out Charity Edition Anthology!

Get comfortable by the fire and get your favourite seasonal snacks at the ready for this fun-filled selection of food-themed romances from bestselling romance authors.
Whether you want to be abducted with a mug of eggnog, trapped in a log cabin with a sexy woodsmen, or dig into a Yule log with your fated mate, there’s something for everyone in this collection of contemporary, paranormal, and sci-fi romances.
All proceeds from the Eat Your Heart Out anthologies will be donated to charity.


From old enemies to friends with benefits in one naughty holiday romp!

Sixteen years ago, they took each other’s virginity. Now, Morena is back in town only to discover the bane of her existence is, too!
Sure, she’s fantasized about running into the maddening man dozens of times over the years. Only, in all her wildest dreams, Rena never expected him to catch her red-handed, stealing carrots from his greenhouse—and with her jingle bells showing, no less!
Jeremy Kent has taken his family’s farm and turned it into a billion dollar success story. His fresh to your door, organically grown produce delivery company has gone global. He’s rolling in the dough, only this hometown boy would rather have batter.
Muffin batter from a certain curvy woman, that is.
Memories of the sweet holiday interlude he shared years ago with the beautiful, buxom Rena, not to mention the tastiest muffin he’s ever had, have haunted his dreams for years.
Imagine his surprise when he catches the busty goddess in his greenhouse on Christmas Eve with her hand wrapped around his carrot!
Will Jeremy press charges, or will Rena’s mouthwatering muffin change his mind?
Find out in this sexy holiday story.