The Blackthorn Academy holds secrets of the past and future.
Strong-willed, curvy women set off on unique, captivating adventures to find hidden clues, some in plain sight and others concealed deep in catacombs and secret passageways, all while trying to navigate their witchcraft and wizardry post-secondary studies at the magical Blackthorn Academy for Supernaturals.
Some classes and professors are an outright bore, but will unveil darkness and mysteries of the campus that students must traverse to survive, and all paths hold potential perils these students may never recover from.
Entangled in peculiar, fascinating adventures, our kick-ass curvy chicks meet dominant alpha monster-men with unusual beastly peens who are determined to protect their mates at all costs when they discover the fates have blessed them for the future.
Filled with incantations, curses, necromancy, black magic, and more, enter the hallowed halls of Blackthorn Academy for Supernaturals today and experience the thrills and chills that lie ahead.
Fans of Harry Potter and the Winx saga may enjoy these paranormal cozy mystery and magical academy romance books with unique, complex characters 18-25 enrolled in post-secondary magic school.
These books are recommended for 18+.