The Dragon’s Surprise

A Falk Clan Tale

Nothing can surprise this six hundred-year-old Dragon, except maybe her.

After the fall of the Blackthorne Clan, Devine and his brother, Nicholas, find themselves in Falk Clan territory. Once they’d cleared up the little—okay, more like huge—misunderstanding, the two brothers are invited to stay with the Falk Clan to adjust to the modern world.

What choice do they have? Vulnerable and without a home, Devine Graystone still had his brother. As the last of their line, they had a duty to carry on. But finding a mate in today’s world seemed an impossible task.

Would loneliness be this QuartzDragon’s fate?

Sunny Daye was as bright and perky as her name. But when a girl had hippie Werewolves for parents, she had little choice in the matter—uber cheerful was her norm.

Always looking for the next adventure, she’s stunned when it comes walking through her shop door in the shape of a seven foot tall Dragon.

Can this curvy Werewolf tame a cranky Dragon and change his outlook on life?