Dragon Mates 2

The Falk Clan Tales Books 5-7

Dear reader,

Thank you for grabbing Dragon Mates 2: The Falk Clan Tales Books 5-7.


In The Dragon’s Treasure, we meet a long lost Falk brother, Castor. He is on a mission to find his brothers before his untimely end, only to meet his mate on the way. Are the Fates so cruel as to show him love only to take it away?

She doesn’t believe in fairytales, until a Dragon comes knocking on her door.

In The Dragon’s Surprise, Devine Graystone has seen a lot in his 600 years walking this earth, but he’s never seen the likes of her! Will Wolf Shifter Sunny Daye change this grumpy Dragon’s outlook?

Nothing can surprise this six hundred-year-old Dragon, except maybe her.

The Dragon’s Dream features Nicholas Graystone,a lonely Dragon, trying to find a purpose, and Minerva Lykos, a she-Wolf with a holiday proposition that colors him interested.

He’s a hardcore realist until she dares him to dream.

I hope you enjoy these fast paced, insta-love, happy ever after tales! Each one was written with a touch of humor and a pinch of sass.

del mare alla stella,
C.D. Gorri

*Find out if these grumpy Dragons can keep the feisty females who steal their Dragons’ hearts in the pages ahead.