The Dragon’s Dream

A Falk Clan Tale

He’s a hardcore realist, until she dares him to dream.

Nicholas Graystone’s introduction to the modern world left a lot to be desired. But even after almost killing one of them, the local Falk Clan has generously allowed him and his brother to make a life in Maccon City.

How could he refuse? The answer is simple. He can’t. Especially not after his brother has found his one true fated mate in the Jersey shore town. Carrying his guilt like a cross, Nicholas was resigned to living life alone. But can the TopazDragon find a way to remain engaged or will his fire go out?

Minerva Lykos is a Werewolf and renowned artist who needs a break from the fast paced world she lives in. What better to restore her creative energy than a house on the beach in her hometown of Maccon City?

Of course, the curvy she-Wolf wasn’t expecting to meet her muse in the gorgeous Dragon who lives next door. Can she convince the hunky shifter to pose for her?

Things get heated between the sculptor and the Dragon in this Falk Clan Tale.