The Dragon’s Dream

A Falk Clan Tale

He’s a hardcore realist until she dares him to dream.

Nicholas Graystone’s Dragon is restless. He needs a mate—one who will overlook his gruff exterior. With something of his own to care for and protect, his angry beast might finally settle down.

But things in modern Maccon City are so very different from the life he was used to. Even after almost killing one of the legendary Falk Clan, those Dragon brothers generously invite him and his brother into the fold. How can he refuse?

Simple—he can’t.  Especially not now that his brother is mated to a local Werewolf. Seeing Devine’s happiness has sparked something inside Nicholas. His own desire to find a mate by any means. But can the TopazDragon be redeemed before it’s too late?

Minerva Lykos is a Werewolf and renowned artist who needs a break. What better place to restore her creative energy than her old family beach house down in Maccon City?

Of course, the curvy she-Wolf isn’t expecting to meet her muse in the gorgeous Dragon who lives next door. Can she convince the hunky shifter to pose for her?

Things get heated between the sculptor and the Dragon in this Falk Clan Tale.