The Dragon’s Heart

A Falk Clan Tale 3

Some wounds run deep, can a Dragon’s heart be unbroken?

Edric Falk vowed long ago to never fall in love again. With two of his brother’s having fallen into that trap, he’s more determined than ever to remain alone.

When he’s asked to be best man at his youngest brother’s Valentine’s Day wedding, the Dragon shifter has no choice. He is all set to go through the motions until he meets his partner for the event! Sparks fly, and this Dragon isn’t sure he can control himself!

Joselyn Coracao is the maid-of-honor for her best friend’s wedding. She also happens to be a clairvoyant Witch! When the universe sends her a message that she’s about to meet her destiny, what else can she do but fight tooth and nail?

Edric and Joss both agree the Fates have messed up! They make a deal to put aside their differences for the sake of the wedding, but some things are beyond their control!