Falk Clan Bundle 7





The Dragon’s Christmas Gift

A Falk Clan Tale 2

His heart is frozen. Can she change his mind about love?

Alexsander Falk is content to let his heart grow as cold as the ice he breathes in Dragon form. When his newlywed brother calls him home to Castle-sit during the holiday season, he reluctantly agrees. Unaware that he’s to host a Christmas party for the local teen outreach program.

Noelle Gifford is the new owner-operator of Present Tastes. She’s been contracted to cater the party at the newly remodeled home on Beach Drive, aptly named Castle Falk. 

She is determined to be bright and cheerful for her client! But what’s a girl to do with a Sexy Scrooge who refuses to listen to any of her ideas? 

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Fated Mates, Curvy & Sassy Heroines, Dragon Romance, Fish out of Water, Protective Hero, Holiday Romance

Series Reviews

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “In this book we get brother Alexsander’ story and it’s a funny and very romantic story. Alexsander is having a hard time adjusting to finally being freed, no longer a slave except to his rose. Noelle is a hoot, she is funny, witty, and doesn’t take no for an answer not even from a grinch of a dragon. This story will get you laughing til you cry.” -Bookbub Reviewer
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “Loved this book! Who am I kidding! I love all of Mrs Gorri’s books! Sander was such an emo wow! Lol but I’m happy he got his mate in the end. Also I can’t wait for this cocky Josselyn to fall. She will get hers. Pick up this series if you haven’t read it yet.” -Bookbub Reviewer

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