Tiger Claimed

An Island Stripe Pride Tale

His Tiger wants to claim her, but she wants to reveal his secret..

The Shifter Council of New York City has announced a warning to all its citizens. Danger is lurking on the horizon, and now more than ever, the supernatural community must work to keep their secret. With increasing reports from normals of supernatural activity in the Big Apple, their entire existence is at risk.
Trench Tora is and Enforcer for the Island Stripe Pride. When his Neta sends him to investigate a vlogger claiming to have seen a man turn into a dog, he doesn’t expect to be attracted to the curvy beauty. More than that. He thinks she’s his mate.
Bria Grotto is trying to make a name for herself among the millions of paranormal investigators out there by investigating claims of the supernatural in the big city. Just when she thinks she caught her big break, Bria finds herself hunted by the very creatures she means to catch on camera.
Should she trust the big, sexy stranger who comes to her rescue? Even if it means giving up her prize footage?

Popular Tropes

Fated Mates, Curvy Heroines, Sassy Heroines, InstaLove, Tiger Shifter

Series Reviews

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “Trench is an enforcer, he likes his job. He protects his Alpha and his pride. But what he doesn’t like? Going to meetings with irate council people and smelly, mean, and corrupted wolf pack leaders. Bria has no clue what she has until it about gets her killed. She has something that could ruin all of the supernatural kind and if Trench doesn’t step in she will die. Trench knows who she is to him the minute he has her close… can he do all that is required of him as her mate even if she doesn’t know yet about his kind?” -BookNookNuts
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “An engaging read! Bria and Trent are thrown together in this story by Ms. Gorri. Bria was sent a file that would out the Shifter world. The Wolf Pack is trying to pull a coup to wrest control of the Shifter Council using this information, and Trent is sent to assess the situation.” -ARC Team Reviewer

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