Purrfectly Paired

A Maverick Pride Tale

Hank Garret doesn’t need any help finding a mate. Too bad Uncle Uzzi won’t take no for an answer.

Driving the infamous matchmaking Witch to visit the Maverick Pride is one of his favorite duties, but lately, it’s the very thing disturbing the Falcon Shifter’s peace of mind. Watching those Tigers find their true mates is just too painful.

When Uncle Uzzi recommends Hank’s services to a Lioness in need, duty calls. It was fine. he could remain professional. He just has to ignore the gorgeous spitfire in his backseat for the next twenty-four hours.

Piece of cake–gulp.

Annabeth Golden of the Blue Valley Pride is one frustrated Lioness. Her family’s reputation makes finding a mate hard, but is it really so bad? So, what if she accidentally on purpose almost castrated her high school boyfriend for being unfaithful? Was that cause to make her persona non grata with the entire Pride? Hard up for love, and trying to win the big contest at work leaves Annabeth at her wit’s end.

Good thing she runs into Uncle Uzzi if the infamous Uncle Uzzi’s Magical Matchmaking Service. Annabeth has hit the jackpot–or so the she-Cat thinks.

But what happens when the cranky Falcon her Lioness pines for claims she’s mistaken? Will this cat bag her bird?

Find out in this installation of the Maverick Pride Tales.