Purrfectly Timed

A MAverick Pride Tale

Pierce is on the hunt for someone to call his own, but this kitty throws him for a loop.

Pierce McDowd is surrounded by mated pairs, but he can’t seem to find someone to call his own. His concentration is nil, and his boss has had it with his mistakes. Forced to take a leave of absence to get his head on straight, Pierce is determined not to waste this impromptu vacation.

It’s time to bring in the big guns. Decision made, Pierce makes a call to Uncle Uzzi’s Magical Matchmaking Service. If anyone can help him find his mate, Uncle Uzzi can.

Antonetta Golden is no ordinary Lioness. Labelled trouble by men who could not handle her, this kitty is more than meets that eye. Single and not loving it, her career becomes her focus.

But when Uncle Uzzi calls her with a request, she has a choice to make. She doesn’t want to turn the infamous Witch down, but it’s her busiest season.

Perfect timing just doesn’t seem to exist for this Lioness. Will she learn to compromise to meet the man of her dreams?

Find out if Pierce and Toni get their happy ever after in this installation of the Maverick Pride Tales.