A Furry Little Christmas

Nicholas & Stephanie
A Macconwood Pack Tale 9

What do you get when you mix two Wolves with a little holiday spirit?

A furry little Christmas…

Stephanie DeMarco sold her house to take over her late father’s business, but running a Christmas tree farm is a lot harder than it looks. There are events to organize, vendors to hire, and one huge, very serious issue to deal with. Stephanie needs a Santa Claus stat!

What she doesn’t need is entanglements of any kind while she figures out what it is she really wants to do at this stage of her life. 

Tell that to the hunk her Pack’s Alpha sent to work for the almost fifty she-Wolf. She might be getting older, but some things simply won’t be denied. Like her attraction to the sexy as sin Nicholas Winters.

Will Stephanie steer clear of the hot young Werewolf or will she wind up all tangled in tinsel with Manning Farms’ new Santa?