Her Solstice Wolf

A Macconwood Pack Novel
The Macconwood Pack Novel Series

Solstice is a time for miracles. Is Kurt ready to accept his?

Kurt Lowell is partners with his brother at Macconwood Law Associates. He’s also one of the Macconwood Pack’s honored Wolf Guard. Known as the Pack clown, he’s managed to traverse life unscathed by relationships. A free spirit, what happens when his mate is revealed one winter’s night?

With the biggest snowstorm of the year looming overhead, Kurt is depending on Crescent Moon Books to deliver the volumes he needs to finish the treaty he’s been drafting between the Macconwood Pack and the local Witch coven. 

Scarred for life at the hands of a drunk-driver, Clara Crescent is perfectly content staying out of Pack affairs and running the bookstore she and her sister co-own. Life is boring, but good for the she-Wolf. She’s successfully avoided the man she secretly pines for but finds herself trapped in an elevator with redheaded lawyer after delivering his order.

Will this Winter Solstice deliver the happy ever after they so desperately want?