Mated To The Dragon King

A Purely Paranormal Romance Book

Shifter Cora Tesouro works for a world-renowned supernatural bank. When a promotion sends her overseas, she meets her irresistible new client… Could Cora really be this stubborn dragon king’s fated mate? A steamy paranormal romance!

Cora Tesouro is an account specialist for Merlin Banking Solutions, the most well-known supernaturally run bank in the world. She gets handpicked to work one on one with an important overseas client. Delighted at the challenge, she leaves immediately. But what is she to do when the Dragon King claims she’s his mate?

Keeping her supernatural background secret from her friends has always been a drag for Cora. When she’s promoted to a job that takes her overseas, she is finally able to breathe a bit of fresh air. Not to mention, revel in her other form as an Iberian Lynx Shifter. It had been too long since she last stretched her paws! 
Rei Dorado is a Dragon Shifter, King of the Golden Flame, to be exact. He’s recently awakened from a very long nap to find the world has changed. He contacts his bankers for an assistant in getting his accounts up to date and helping him through this adjustment period.
When Cora shows up at his door, Rei’s Dragon pushes at his skin, demanding he get closer to the sexy Lynx Shifter. One sentiment echoes in his brain even as she seems determined to keep him at bay. Es Meus. 
She may run, but she can’t hide from her desires. Ready or not, this Dragon King has every intention of staking his claim!

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Fated Mates, Curvy Heroine, Dragon Shifter Romance, Fated Mates, RomCom, Secret Paranormal World

Series Reviews

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “A mystery, A past, and a New World… That is what Rei gets when he wakes after 100 years. Who made him sleep for so long? Who ruined everything he owned and had? He hates females… Well he needs help and that help comes with blue eyes and a beautiful smell. The minute she steps in that castle her fate was set. Cora doesn’t want Rei her shifter part does though. Well she isn’t going willingly.” -Bookbub Reviewer
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “A very captivated read. That you get lost in. If you Love Dragons and stories were two individuals are destined to be together and you get to read about there story. This is a very well written story that has fantastic World Building as well as the Author has a very Creative way in there writing and brings the Characters out so well that you feel you know those characters personally. Its a fantastic read that is definitely a must read.” -Bookbub Reviewer