Alien Protector

Wyvern Protection Unit 3

He wants the truth, but her secret can endanger them all!

Heliodore Wessex knew his latest assignment was hiding something.

Something big.

Without the truth, he tries keeping the pink-haired siren at arm’s length. But it isn’t so easy when his Wyvern wants her for his own.

His beast is more than willing to aid the tricky female, but will his desire outweigh common sense?

Ordered to hunt down four stasis pods sent to Earth decades ago, Daeja crash lands on the strange planet with no idea what to expect. With her grandsire in danger, she has no choice but to obey her unscrupulous commander.

Taken prisoner minutes after her arrival, Daeja is assigned a seven-foot-tall bodyguard who seems strangely familiar. Her interest is piqued when the growly male threatens to send her into heat with just one of his thorough glances.

Can she keep her secret and her heart, or will she lose both to her alien protector?

*Fast-paced, insta-love Alien Shifter romance for lovers of paranormal romance

Formerly titled Tricking Her Protector. Scenes have been taken out and added, along with almost 20K new words! Happy reading!