Gift Wrapped Protector

Wyvern Protection Unit Book 1

A holiday assignment turns into so much more for this grumpy Wyvern.

It’s the holiday season, but instead of snowboarding and doing shots of cinnamon vodka off his favorite bartender, Jasper Wessex is given the assignment from hell—literally.

Protect a woman on the run from a minor Egyptian Demon—um…who the what now?

He wants nothing more than to pass on this nut-ball case, till he opens her file. Struck dumb by her picture, his Wyvern scratches against his skin. He can’t resist the owner of those flashing blue eyes.

Carolina Moore is in danger. Home from an archeological dig, she’s brought back a seriously unfortunate souvenir—an ancient Egyptian Demon who thinks she is his property!

Luckily, she has a friend who has contacts with the mysterious Wyvern Protection Unit. But what can she do when her protector poses more of a threat than the Demon she’s running from?

Decking the halls takes on a whole new meaning in this uproarious holiday paranormal romance!

*Formerly titled Trusting Her Protector. This book has gotten a complete makeover from cover to a new Christmasy plot twist.