Rituals & Runes Author Feature

Rituals & Runes is the PERFECT escape to worlds filled with paranormal, romance, urban fantasy, and more! And you can get a sneak peek into one of the stories exclusive to the box set, The Mark. 

Check out this author’s interview with A.L. Kessler to find out about her contribution!

Author: A.L. Kessler

Title: The Mark

R & R:  How does the magic within the story create a powerful world that will entice your readers?

A.L.:  The magic in The Mark is a little more free-flowing than what is typically seen in a UF world. Because the story is shorter, I opted not to make hard and fast rules for the magic system and just let it flow with the story. This allows each character to use their magic in a way that’s more suited to their personality and is more of an energy from the person. 

R & R:  Incredible! I think the readers will really love to see how you do that.

What aspects of your FMC make her resilient and powerful?

A.L.:  Zada has to overcome a failure that she thinks she made in her pass while trying to stop a short term of peace from ending because of a traitor. She’s powerful in her own right with magic, of course, but she’s also smart and quick. She doesn’t let the opinion or persuasions of others to keep her from finding the truth. 

R & R:  It’s wonderful to see a powerful, persuasive heroine and I think she’ll really connect with the readers. 

Is your story going to continue into a series?

A.L.:  As of right now, it won’t be. It does pretty well as a standalone. 

R & R:  Never say never. The readers might demand more!

What’s your favorite aspect of your story?

A.L.:  I love the family-like interactions between Zada and her group and Verick and his spymaster. There’s a lot of fun banter between the characters. 

R & R:  Fantastic. I think a little humor adds so much to a story.

What books do you have coming out that are not involved in the anthology?

A.L.  My most recently release is the 13th and last book in my Here Witchy Witchy series, Rise and Fall. It’ concludes the adventures of Abigail Collins, a witch that solves paranormal crimes. 

R & R:  I’m sure writing the last book in a series is bittersweet and one the readers will enjoy!

Do you have any habits before you sit down to write a book?

A.L.  I have to have a cup of something to drink (typically coffee) before I start writing. It just gives me something to do with my hands during the minutes I have to think. 

R & R:  I think it’s so enjoyable to readers to learn about the different rituals authors have.

When did you begin writing?

A.L.  I’ve always crafted stories of some sort as I grew up. I actually started completing written stories in sixth grade and it was Sophomore year of high school that I decided I wanted to be an author. 

R & R:  Goodness, that is truly a remarkable feat and one to treasure. 

Do you prefer Chocolate Truffles or Twizzlers?

A.L.:  Truffles! Chocolate all the way! 

R & R:  A chocolate lover. I’m certain many readers can relate. Thank you so much for giving us a little insight into the world of A.L. Kessler!


The Mark

Zada Maddock became a demon hunter after the destruction of her family, but after a near-fatal mistake in her last battle, has spent two years away from her team. Now, she’s reluctant to return home and face the attack threatening an already uneasy truce. Her team is charged with hunting down the demon responsible for the attack. Only one problem….

Verick never expected to mate with a witch, but there was her mark on his skin. She and her team are out to destroy him. He needs to prove he was not behind the demon attack. Chaos lurks around every corner and time is running out to find the truth and stop another war between the witches and demons.


A smirked pulled up at the corner of his mouth. “How did you survive that night?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about. Get out of here.” She held her hand up and swirling purple magic gathered in her hands. “You aren’t welcomed here.” 

He took a step forward, wanting to wipe that look of hate and anger off her face. Smooth her brow so she no longer looked so tortured. He hadn’t expected to bring up that night, but after seeing her. He wanted to know. 

“I saw the sword they stabbed you with, pinned you to a wall after saving a child.” 

She shook her head and backed up. “Your king pinned me and my own leader left met to die.” She twirled the dagger in her hand. “Leave.”

That wasn’t how it went down, but he could see that no amount of arguing was going to help right now. There was only one thing here that she understood right now. She was back in her territory and he could see her need to defend it in her eyes. 

“Make me.” He growled out with a smirk. 

And that got a smile out of her. She launched herself off the steps and threw her hand up, casting purple magic toward him. 

Verick dodged out of the way and called his own magic to his hand. A swirled of black sat above his palm and he raised a brow. “That all you’ve got, little witch?”

She tapped her foot and the ground shook beneath him, a crack opening up between his legs. The sound of it echoed down the street and he knew it was only a moment before her friends would come out to investigate. 

He rushed toward her, catching her off guard in her inebriate state. He curved his hand over the back of head, cradling it in his palm. He met her gaze. 

“Next time, little witch, fight me sober.” And then he did something he hadn’t actually been planning on. He press his lips to hers. 

For a moment, she pressed her lips back to him and then a sharp pain went through his stomach. 

He glanced down at the dagger in his side, she pulled it out and laughed. 

“Sober or not, I still drew blood.” She flicked her wrist casting the blood off her dagger and then stepped back. 

The blow wasn’t deadly, but it hurt like hell. He laughed at her and then wrapped shadows around him to take him back home.

Author Bio:

A.L. Kessler is known for her Here Witchy Witchy series. She lives in beautiful Colorado with her family. She dwells in her basement where she can be bribed with coffee or chocolate to leave.

Website and social media links: 




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Rituals & Runes AUTHOR FEATURE

Rituals & Runes is the PERFECT escape to worlds filled with paranormal, romance, urban fantasy, and more! And you can get a sneak peek into one of the stories exclusive to the box set, The Rune Sorceress

Check out this author’s interview with N.D.T. Casale to find out about her contribution!

Author: N.D.T. Casale

Title: The Ruin Sorceress

R & R:  The heroine on your cover has a sword in her hand. How is she forced to use the sword and is it magical?

N.D.T.  Yes, the sword is magical. My heroine uses the sword during her battles and when she shape-shifts.

R & R:  Exciting! She looks tough on the cover and something I think the readers will adore.

You’ve mentioned the term princess with regard to your story. Is this a traditional Cinderella style or more like Beauty and the Beast?

N.D.T.:  This story is an original tale that I have created. There are a few inspirations taken from Beauty and the Beast that I have woven throughout.

R & R:  Tasty and it sounds like a sizzling addition to the anthology. 

How did this story come to you?

N.D.T.:  This story was inspired by the cover and title of our Boxset Rituals and Runes. I wanted to incorporate runes into the story and I love sorcery. I did research about runes and learned about their significance with Norse Mythology. It sparked some ideas that I wove into this book.

R & R:  That truly sounds amazing, the aspect of adding Norse Mythology adding a special touch for readers.

What books do you have coming out that are not involved in the anthology?

N.D.T.:  This year I am publishing my first novel. It is titled Hickory Dickory Death and it releases in October.

I am also a coauthor on multiple anthologies. My story Blood of the Unicorn will be featured in Enchanted Forests coming out in July. My story The Sword, The Scepter, and The Crown will be featured in Kindred Kingdoms coming out in August. I will also be a part of a holiday-inspired anthology titled All I want for Christmas coming out in November.

R & R: Your first solo release will be exciting for the readers after indulging in your story. 

How do you keep your stories organized?

N.D.T.:  I keep my stories organized by using Google Docs. I keep each of my stories and ideas in different folders.

R & R:  Readers might be surprised how organized authors need to be.

Are you a plotter or a panzer?

N.D.T.:  I would say that I am a plotter. I write down ideas for my stories or I will create a rough outline of how I want my story to go. Many times I write as it comes to me.

R & R:  That takes a very creative mind to be able to do.

What is your favorite horror movie?

N.D.T.:  I do not have a favorite horror movie.

R & R: Understandable. Thank you for sharing a part of your world with us!


The Rune Sorceress

When a vain queen is turned into a raven by a mighty wizard, her handmaiden Annalina is declared the only one who can bring the queen back to her true form. After being told that she is a powerful sorceress, Annalina must embark on a quest to find the missing runes in order to break the curse and bring the joy back to the kingdom of Algravia. With a handsome baker and a puma as her guides, Annalina begins to unravel the shadows of her past and discovers a dark secret that was meant to stay hidden.


Fingers slamming the iron latch into the thick wood sent the battle cry that would soon change Annalina’s life forever.

Clang! Clang!

Echoing throughout the castle and vibrating off of every piece of furniture, the sounds shook the young handmaiden to the core. Her hand knocked over the candle on the dining table and a spark ignited. Blowing her breath outward she extinguished the flicker and righted the rushlight.

“Clumsy girl!” Barked Queen Iradessa. “You cannot do anything right!” Turning her attention to the bowl of soup placed before her, the monarch scooped a spoonful of broth and rose it to her red lips. She sipped and shook her head. “It needs more pepper, take it back!” The ruler of Algravia huffed as she shoved the bowl away creating splatters on the silk table cloth.

Annalina leaned forward to pick up the soup when the loud knocks sounded again. She was surprised they could hear the hammering over the violent crashes of thunder.

“Who disturbs my peace during such foul weather?” Huffed Iradessa. She glared at the blonde-haired handmaiden.

“Well, what are you waiting for girl? Answer it!”

Placing the bowl back on the table, Annalina smiled, “Yes, Your Majesty.” She turned and headed out of the Great Hall. “I hate my life.” She muttered. A sigh escaped her tense lips, as an orphan teen, she knew she could not complain.

The rain pelted the glass and the wind howled as she approached the embellished oak door.

Who would venture out on such a miserable night thought Annalina. And where are the guards?

Wrapping her slender fingers around the iron handle she pulled back with all her might. To her surprise, standing before her stood a hooded figure.

“Hello,” a voice called. “Might I trouble you for a place to lay my head? I have been traveling for so long.”

Reaching his hand upward and pulling back his hood revealed the face of a man. Wrinkles creased his cheeks and forehead. His hair and beard were like new-fallen snow. Hunching over, the intruder’s dirty hands gripped a walking stick that had suffered many miles. The clothes on his short frame were torn and tattered.

As her eyes took in the mysterious stranger, Annalina could not help but feel this man was cloaked in secrecy.

Author Bio:

N.D.T. Casale is an Italian-American author who lives in the United States. She creates magical realms for others to escape to and enjoy. Her goal is to write stories that bring joy, happiness, and hope to the lives of many.

When she is not hard at work writing, N.D.T. Casale spends her time riding horses, working out, traveling, snowboarding, and looking for her next adventure. She is fluent in multiple languages, loves animals, and is obsessed with fashion and fitness. She always ends her day with a cup of tea. N.D.T. Casale also writes under the pen name N.D. Testa.

Website and social media links:

Instagram: @ndtcasale

Tik Tok: @ndtcasale

Bookbub: @ndtcasale

Goodreads: @ndtcasale

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Rituals & Runes AUTHOR FEATURE

Rituals & Runes is the PERFECT escape to worlds filled with paranormal, romance, urban fantasy, and more! And you can get a sneak peek into one of the stories exclusive to the box set, Dark Angels

Check out this author’s interview with Solo Storm to find out about her contribution!

Author: Solo Storm

Title: Dark Angels

R & R: What is the one aspect of your story that you think readers will enjoy?

Solo:  The story mixes angel fantasy, mafia romance, and academy, which is something I haven’t seen done a ton. The dark and light of angels works well with mafia romance, and I’ve situated them at an elite academy.

R & R:  That sounds like an incredible combination the readers will love.

Name something magical from the plot of your story.

Solo:  The academy they eventually get to is impenetrable by anyone outside of students and staff, and the building will not create quarters for you unless you agree to enroll in the school.

R & R:  It will be exciting to see how you incorporate that into a story.

What book or genre would you love to write in?

Solo:  I write in the genres I love already. Fantasy, romance, sci-fi, and any combination.

R & R:  Multi-talented and something I know attracts readers!

What is something you’ve tried and would love to do so again?

Solo:  I really want to write a clean contemporary romance under a pen name.

R & R:  You should go for it! 

What books do you have coming out that are not involved in the anthology?

Solo:  My main series is Waters Dark and Deep, which is about the Hallows and Nephilim and gives more of a foundation for the worldbuilding of this series, too. All of my fantasy series are set in the Archworldverse.

R & R:  Fantastic. I can only how complex and imaginative the world is that you created.

What is the best part of being an author?

Solo:  I love working from home, setting my own schedule, and being able to create stories for a living. There are lots of challenging parts of this business, but I enjoy the business aspect of it too. I also get great satisfaction from watching my work multiply year over year and knowing that I did it myself, I own it for 70+ years after my death (copyright law), and that I can find new ways to make money with it for as long as I live.

R & R:  You have an amazing perspective on the world of writing.

Fun Question – Do you prefer a quiet dinner with friends or a night out at a club?

Solo:  In my early twenties: a night out at a club

In my late thirties: definitely the quiet dinner with friends or preferably, a quiet dinner with my husband, no kids!

R & R:  A date night – perfect. Thank you so much for giving us a sinful taste of your life as an author!


Dark Angels (Omertà Angel Elite Academy #1)

Dark and Magical Twin Mafia Angels Have Come To Claim Their Princess.

Leona Capo has a plan. Spread a rumor about eye-witnessing a murder. Stage a spot to get kidnapped by a dangerous mob family. Smoke out her mafia boss mom who is impossible to track. What could possibly go wrong? 

She doesn’t see a way forward in her life until she finds her missing sister, Margot. But when she puts her life in the hands of mobster Nephilim twins, can she get herself out of the mess they create? Or will she need a miracle man to save her?


“And you are sure you want to do this, Leona?” 

She flipped her long golden curls over her shoulder. Her father Michael Capo, head of a special Hallow unit in Saint Louis, Missouri, that stopped criminal magic in the Archworld, had asked her this twelve billion times over the last few months—or at least that’s what it felt like. But her mind was made up. She needed to know what happened to her missing older sister. And she would do anything—even sacrifice parts of herself—to get the answers she needed.

She didn’t respond. It didn’t matter. Her father was never going to approve of her choice to take up the family business when she was just barely eighteen and still coming into her magic. He thought she should be older before attempting to help solve crimes. He thought she should be older before getting involved with the Nephilim family who ran the Chicago mafia…Along with the twin Valentino brothers that were not much older than her and had already established a far-reaching reputation for themselves.

“Should this even work,” he continued, “they will bully you to no end. Those twins are vicious. They will test you. They will try to claim you as theirs.”

The thought of the attractive twins having control over her made her uneasy, but she felt resolute in her decision. “And I will find my sister, even if I have to infiltrate their ranks, find their darkest secrets, and take them down one by one until they give me what I want.” Some part of her knew that she would never be able to move forward with her life until she had answers. Where was Margot? How and why did she disappear into thin air?

Author Bio:

Solo Storm is USA Today bestselling author best known for her young adult urban fantasy and paranormal romance series, Waters Dark and Deep. Solo started reading young adult books when she was seven and never managed to grow out of them. To find out what she’s up to and get access to her latest fiction updates, go to solostorm.substack.com.

Website and social media links:

Continue reading this series for free on Substack:


Sign up to my newsletter and get a free copy of Rising Princess (Faerie Princess Spy Academy #0.5) here…


Read More from Solo Storm:

Website or Blog 


FB Author Page

FB Author Group

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Rituals & Runes AUTHOR FEATURE

Join the magic with Rituals & Runes, a collection of tantalizing tales from the masterminds of Shifters Unleashed for an author interview featuring Silvana G. Sánchez as she discusses her contribution to the anthology, Chosen by the Fae.

Author: Silvana G. Sánchez

Book: Chosen by the Fae

R&R: Your book features Fae as your supernatural being. What attracts you to them and why did you write about them? 

Silvana: Hi! And thank you for this interview! 

I enjoy writing characters out of the human sphere. The Fae have quickly become some of my favorites, because in writing them, I get to play with a different set of rules, a different moral compass–more on the grey side of the spectrum. And then, there’s magic. 

R&R: We are glad to have you. All sexy material for sure! 

Without sharing spoilers, tell us about the title of the book. Why did you choose that title? 

Silvana: Chosen by the Fae tells the story of Rhomn, the cursed fae prince of the Moonlight Court. Known as the dreary King Slayer after stealing the throne he sits on, Rhomn means to take matters into his own hands and break the curse, but when the fae oracles choose another, that doesn’t sit well with him. 

My story is the prequel, and narrates the events that led Rhomn and the Moonlight Court to their curse.

R&R: Tantalizing!

What is the hardest decision your main characters have to make?

Silvana: In the prequel, Rhomn has to make peace with the fact that the sorceress he thought he loved is the enemy, and he must unalive her.  

R&R: Oof, that’s a tough one.

Does your character have a plan for tomorrow? Next week? Tell us about it.

Silvana: Rhomn has to cross a portal tomorrow, from the Moonlight Court straight to San Francisco, California.

Can’t say more! You’ll have to read it, lol.

R&R: What a tease but we love it.

Explain what you need to get writing done and if you have any special snacks or drinks while writing.

Silvana: I need to have a Spotify playlist ready from the get-go. Each of my WIPs get their own playlist. Sometimes, I’ll include them in the books, but you can find Chosen by the Fae’s in my Spotify.

As for drinks, it’s a Starbucks frappucino in the daytime or chamomile tea if it’s really late at night. I usually don’t eat snacks while I write, but when I do, they better be spicy. (TAKIS, sponsor me! Lol).

R&R: A-ha! An author who writes to music. That’s always fun to see the playlists. And Takis are addictive!

You make amazing book covers. How do you balance your time as both a designer and an author?

Silvana: Thank you so much! It’s a challenge. But I try to stick to a schedule. Usually it’s designer work in the mornings and writing in the afternoon. Sometimes, late at night if I’m on a deadline–those times are intense!

R&R: Certainly tricky to balance when everyone wants stuff all at the same time.

What books do you have coming out that are not involved in the anthology?

Silvana: I recently released Curse the Moon, book two of my dark academia romantasy series, Vesely Academy. That series has supernatural mystery, steamy romance, and an LGBTQ+ wonderful villain who turns out to the be the hero. 

I’ve also released book three of my vampire romance series, The Unnatural Brethren. Cast in Blood is a NA paranormal romance with hot shifters, bad boy warlocks, and strong empowered witches… and sexy vampires, of course! 

Both can be read as standalones, I highly recommend them!

R&R: All of that sounds wonderful. 

Would you rather spend the night in a luxury hotel room or camping surrounded by beautiful scenery?

Silvana: I’d take any of them as long as the love of my life is there with me. 

Hi, Eric. I know you’re reading. 🙂

He’s the best.

R&R: How sweet. Thank you for the interview. Read on for more information on Chosen by the Fae and to check out her juicy snippet.

Book blurb:

Claim the crown, lose your kingdom.

Less than a year has passed since the renowned thief Rhomn Al’Sarik claimed the Moonlight Court’s crown, when a pack of harpies breaks into the palace in the middle of the summer ball. But the monsters’ strike is the least of King Rhomn’s worries as the stars start falling and the people lose their wings.

A powerful enchantress is behind the attacks. The Crimson Lady has more than one reason to despise Rhomn. When he broke up with her, not only did he shatter her heart, but her plans to rule the kingdom died as well. Now vengeance is hers to claim, and she will show Rhomn no mercy.

To save his people, King Rhomn must find the surviving Oracle Twin. Only she holds the answer to this riddle. But the clock is ticking, and Rhomn must act fast—before the sands of time run out, and the Moonlight Court is lost forever.


Prologue: The Moonlight Palace

Harrowing shrieks resound in the palace. The cries are a song of death, so disquieting that throngs of high fae lords and ladies scurry away from the locked ballroom, jostling in the corridor, clustering in the doorways… desperate to escape.

One figure, however, does not flee. The clang of burnished steel armor announces the captain’s presence as he moves against the crowd with hurried footsteps, heading toward the dreaded chamber.

When he finally stops at the entrance, the most unsettling silence sets in. His weathered gauntlet meets the door and gives it a light tap. Gently, it creaks open. His eyes then lock intently in the impenetrable darkness that fills the narrow crevice.

Uncertainty rises, and as he lowers his hand, the heel cautiously glides on his sword’s hilt.

Every inch of him goes taut as he continues to watch, unraveling the shadows to the best of his fae focus, until a pair of violet eyes glint before him.

Struggling to tame his racing heart, he remains still.



Author Bio:

USA TODAY bestselling author, Silvana G. Sánchez loves to write monsters with a heart of gold, villains who are heroes and get their happy endings. 

She lives in Mexico with her husband Eric, twins Iker (†)  and David, and two Shih-Tzu puppies she lovingly calls her dragons—Wookie and Padme. 

When not poking eyes in her practice as an Ophthalmologist, she’s known to write dark fantasy novels in her writing den. The Unnatural Brethren, Vesely Academy, and the Cursed Kingdoms are the worlds of her creation.

You’ll often find her in her reader’s group the Reader’s Den and on TikTok.

Stop by to say hello. She doesn’t bite—not always, anyway.

Where to find her:

Signup to my newsletter and get a free copy of WRITTEN IN BLOOD here.







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Rituals & Runes AUTHOR FEATURE

Tag along with heroes and heroines as they navigate the Rituals and Runes of enchanted worlds, chock-full of adventure & teeming with heart-stopping romances. 
And tag along with us to enjoy an author interview with Patricia D. Eddy to talk about her upcoming book, Rune Bound, which only appears in this hot anthology.
Author: Patricia D. Eddy

Book: Rune Bound 

R&R: Runes have a central theme in your story. Can you give us some hints about their role in the story and the book’s central conflict? 

Patricia: The Runes are everything to Rune Bound. Ysenia, the heroine, has been stolen from her life and transformed into a Runes, one who can read Runes but also one who can wield them in a fashion. Runes–in real life–have power only in their interpretation. They’re a guide. But Ysenia can use them for more than simply helping others find their path in life. For her, they come alive. 

A war is coming to the kingdom, and only Ysenia can help Rolf, the lord she is fated to love, survive. But to do so, she’ll have to give in to a terrible and agonizing power only she can control. 

R&R: What a creative way to use runes in a story. And that’s a doozy of a conflict. Love it!

What is the best thing that ever happened to your main characters? The worst?

Patricia: To be honest, not many good things happen to these characters outside of them falling in love. Of course, they do get their HEA at the end of the story, but before that…it’s a lot of danger and intrigue and bad things happening. 

R&R: Lots of adventure with twists and turns to look forward to.

What would have to happen to make your character speak out, or, defend a stranger, in public?

Patricia: At the beginning of the book, Ysenia is traumatized by the ordeal that “made” her. She’s known only pain and betrayal. But Rolf makes her feel safe and protected. That allows her to speak up for herself and others. She has an amazingly strong protective streak for the weak and oppressed, and she’s not afraid to defend anyone by the second half of the book. 

R&R: Very much a worthy heroine.

What makes your character powerful? 

Patricia: Ysenia’s power comes from the magic forced upon her during her making. The mystical forces that created her didn’t expect her to retain the magic, so they are quite surprised when she figures out how to harness her power. 

But her true strength and power come from her love. Both her love for Rolf and her love for the people she’s come to serve as Runess. 

R&R: She seems like a rounded but conflicted character. Intriguing!

Do you try more to be original or to deliver to readers what they want?

Patricia: I try to do both, honestly. But if the two clash, I choose what’s right for the story. I write broken characters, and my books are all character-driven rather than plot-driven. I let the main characters tell me what they need to do, when, and how. Often, that’s the exact opposite of what I thought they’d do. It can be quite frustrating, but every time I’ve tried to urge them back to the direction I want, they just flat out refuse. 

R&R: Bunch of rebels. Makes them interesting. 

What’s your favorite thing about writing?

Patricia: I love escaping into another world. That’s why I read and why I write. But even more, I love the relationships between the characters. 

R&R: Books truly come alive for authors as we write them, and readers when they read them. It is a beautiful escape. And nothing bears the amazing relationships between characters. Very true.

What books do you have coming out that are not involved in the anthology?

Patricia: I have two books up for preorder right now. The first is Book 4 in my Gone Rogue Series. Rogue Defender is about a washed up CIA agent who finds himself falling for a woman trying to stop extremist forces from overthrowing the Panamanian government. 

The second book, Trusting His Instincts, is Book 11 in my Away From Keyboard series. In this one, Raelynn, a complete badass former Air Force pilot has to save a man who drives her absolutely up a wall. They are opposites in every way, and she has to overcome her vow to never love again after her husband was killed several years prior. She’s an absolute joy to write because she’s just so irreverent and very, very Texas. 

R&R: You write such deep and exciting books!

Would you rather breathe underwater or fly?

Patricia: I have a very strong fear of drowning and I don’t really like heights. So I’d have to go with breathing underwater. 

That is hard choice then, but your answer makes total sense. 

Thanks for the interview. On to finding out more information relating to Rune Bound with a juicy tidbit!

Book blurb:


I was made in darkness. Stolen from a life I can no longer remember and turned into something…other. The runes bind me. They are my greatest power, but will also be my end. 

Only one man sees me as a person. As a woman. He says I am his mate. But loving me comes with a price I will not let him pay. 



As the leader of my pack, I must do whatever I can to protect them. A war is coming, and there is only one way we will survive. Ysenia was made to save us all. 

But when I see her, I know I must keep her safe. 

The Runess is my mate. 
If she learns what I have done, she will never accept me. 

Will my secrets keep us together or tear us apart?


I was born in darkness. Forged. Made. Turned into something…other.
I was different once. A long time ago. We all were. Twenty-four of us. Taken from lives we no longer remember. Locked inside our own minds while nameless, faceless, utterly silent captors branded our skin.
Then, they turned their talents elsewhere.
I can spin tales so fantastical, the most talented storyteller in the world would fall at my feet. But that is only one of my skills.
The future is mine to foretell. If given the chance. Those who took us may have released us from the darkness, they will never let us be free.
Nor will the King. When we appeared, his royal mages were waiting.
I shudder as the silver bracelets clamped around each of my wrists catch the light. They drain my power every second of every day. But nothing I do loosens them even a fraction.
Restless, I drift over to the window. A gentle breeze carries the scent of jasmine to my nose. The dark green vines dotted with tiny white flowers climb the sheer walls of the tower. The first day, I thought I could use them to climb down. But one touch dashed that hope on the craggy rocks below. The delicate plants can barely support the weight of the songbirds that come each afternoon.
The sea sparkles in the distance. I wonder what it feels like. What it smells like. I should know these things. But before the darkness, there’s nothing.
And after…
I can see. The sensation is so foreign, it takes me several moments to understand what all these shapes are in front of me. Buildings. Stone walls. Wooden doors. Cobblestone streets.
I need air. Space. Sun. I remember sun. Stumbling steps carry me to the end of an alleyway.
Shadows surround me, and a blast of pure agony hits me in the chest. My knees buckle, then hit the stones.
“Do not move!” an angry, male voice shouts. “Or the next spell will stop your heart.”
 I blink up at a dozen men and women clad in royal blue robes. “Wh-what…?” I croak. I do not remember the last word I uttered. Only silent screams no one could hear.
“Bind her powers,” the man says.
Two of the others grab my arms and pull them taut. The silver is cold against my skin. It feels wrong. My stomach twists and turns. Suddenly, I’m so weak, staying upright is impossible.
With a tiny moan, I collapse, and that’s when I first see the mark. Two lines. One on either side of my breastbone . A third angles down from the right to the left. My sleeves ride up, and more dark symbols cover my arms.
As the men drag me away, I do not fight. Because the marks on my skin burn, and I hear a voice I know is only in my mind. 
“The runes bind you. In this world and the next. You will be power. Might. Destruction for all.”
Author Bio:

Patricia D. Eddy writes romance for the beautifully broken. Fueled by coffee, wine, and Doctor Who episodes on repeat, she brings damaged heroes and heroines together to find their happy ever afters in many different worlds. From military to paranormal to BDSM, her characters are unstoppable forces colliding with such heat, sparks always fly.
Patricia makes her home in Seattle with her husband and very spoiled cats, and when she’s not writing, she loves working on home improvement projects, especially if they involve power tools. 
Her award-winning Away From Keyboard series will always be her first love, because that’s where she realized the characters in her head were telling their own stories—and she was just writing them down.

Where to find her:

Web: https://patriciadeddy.com
Instagram: https://instagram.com/patriciadeddy
Facebook page: https://facebook.com/patriciadeddyauthor
Facebook group: https://facebook.com/groups/UnstoppableForcesTeam 
TikTok: https://tiktok.com/@patriciadeddyauthor 

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Rituals & Runes Author Feature

I’ve got the magic….

…and it’s Rituals & Runes!

This amazing collection from Shifters Unleashed including tales from the hottest bestselling authors in paranormal romance and urban fantasy is coming Fall of 2o22, and you don’t want to miss it!

In this author interview, we’ll discuss Magic of the Fae by Elvira Bathory. Hint: You can only get this a book in the Rituals and Runes Anthology!

Author: Elvira Bathory 

Book: Magic of the Fae

RR: According to a description of your book, your story focuses on a human in the Fae world. Can you tell us about that and why you chose a human in a supernatural setting?

Elvira: There is something about a human stumbling upon the Fae world that appeals to me. Especially if it is not intentional. Angelica doesn’t believe in the supernatural so having her be drawn into a world that never seemed real to her is making for a great story.

RR: Agreed. That is super appealing. Can’t wait to see how she reacts. What are your main characters’ defining strengths and weaknesses?

Elvira: Angelica’s weakness is that she doesn’t believe in the supernatural. If there isn’t some sort of explanation for it, then it doesn’t exist. Her strength is her heart. She is always helping those in need, even if it might mean putting herself in danger (could that be considered a weakness as well? Definitely a double-edged sword there 🙂 ). 

Alasdair’s weakness is that he spends too much time with the humans. But this can also be seen as double-edged sword when he meets our heroine because he understands humans better than most Fae in the Faerie hill. His strength is the fact that he is able to help Angelica when she arrives at Faerie court, with no idea how or what is happening.

RR: Exciting! What would have to happen to make your main character speak out, or, defend a stranger, in public?

Elvira: Angelica fights for those who don’t, or won’t, fight for themselves. If she sees someone being bullied, she stands up for them no matter the environment. In fact, this is something that has cost her a job or two in the past.

RR: We sure picked a fitting question about Angelica, then, because that sounds on target. What would destroy your main characters?

Elvira: The magic of the Fae would destroy Angelica as humans weren’t meant to possess something so potent. Alasdair’s love for the humans might destroy, but there are underlying reasons he is fascinated with those that do not have power.

RR: Your story sounds complex in an intriguing way. What are two things that really surprised you about the book-writing process?

Elvira: I like to write by the seat of pants (pantser I believe is what that is called 🙂 ) but this book practically wrote itself. The characters came to life when I found the perfect cover and moved from there. I see more adventure for Angelica and Alasdair. 😉

RR: It’s magic when the words flow. What books do you have coming out that are not involved in the anthology?

I don’t have any stand-alone books coming out right at the moment but I am involved in another anthology of Fairy Tale Retellings that has been extremely fun to be a part of. My book Down the Rabbit Hole is sure to be a fun read and a very different take on Alice in Wonderland. I am of course always working on new books, but none that are quite ready to be published.

RR: What fun! What is another author’s book that you recommend highly–and perhaps even give away regularly? 

Elvira: I am a huge fan of Nina Bangs. Her work is absolutely amazing. It draws you in and won’t let you go until you have read the entire book. Another great author is Karen Marie Moning. Her Fever Series and the spin-off series are great reads.

RR: Books to add to the TBR, except for Moning. She is an incredible author! Would rather go on a snowy, Christmas holiday or spend Christmas in a hot weather place?

Elvira: It is funny that you would ask this question because of the current heat wave that has enveloped much of the United States, but seeing that I live in the desert I would rather go on a snowy, Christmas holiday than spend it in a hot weather place. But that would have been my answer without the heat wave 😀

RR: Thank you for the interview! Please continue reading for more tantalizing info on Magic of the Fae.

Book blurb:

When Angelica Dawson found the golden cat broch with the emerald eyes in the box she was unpacking in her new bedroom she was delighted. She had always admired that one piece of jewelry when her grandmother was alive and was elated to discover that her mother had finally let her have it. What she didn’t know was the powers that little piece of jewelry possessed and the adventures it would take her through the Faerie mounds in New Mexico.

Excerpt: Alasdair moved towards the unmoving female, part of him wanting to make sure she was still alive and unharmed while the other part of him was wanting to see how she managed to make it into their world.

“How is this possible?” Queen Petal bellowed from her throne.

She didn’t care if the human was alive or unharmed, she just wanted to know why and how a human could be laying in the middle of her court. The queen was probably already figuring out a way to return the human to her own world, or maybe she was contemplating keeping the human in their prison ward and torturing her to get some answers.

“I’m not sure yet, Your Highness, but I aim to find out. If you will allow me to,” Alasdair answered.

Queen Petal made her way slowly toward her royal guard and the unconscious woman laying in the middle of her court, “Please investigate who this could have happened and report back to me as soon as you have any answers.”

The royal guard nodded his head as he swooped the sleeping figure off the court floor, “Right away, Your Highness.”

Alasdair made his way through the mounds, intent on getting the woman to his quarters without interruption. There were many in the Aegis Court who didn’t care for humans and wouldn’t mind ending this one’s life. Rushing through the halls, he kept his head down and held the woman as close to his body as possible to ensure her scent mixed with his own. There were also some Fae with an acute sense of smell and would track him if they caught the woman’s scent.

Turning left Alasdair ducked into his bedroom and laid the woman down on his bed. He took a step back and looked her over admiring her body for a few moments. She was short, standing at about five foot four inches, with shoulder-length auburn hair. The woman was wearing a short, tight, black dress and had no shoes on her feet. He took another moment to admire the view before trying to wake her up. Snapping himself out of his daze he began to look the woman over like a member of the royal guard instead of a male who had a beautiful woman lying in his bed, trying to see if there were any bruises or scratches that were visible. As he made his way to her head, he noticed something flashing in the light overhead. The twinkle had come from something that the woman was holding tightly in her left hand.

Moving closer, Alasdair grabbed the broach from her hand. He could feel the Faerie magic coming from the piece of jewelry and was surprised at how strong it was. It felt as if it was reaching for the human, which made no sense because humans weren’t meant to hold Faerie magic. Unless the human had Fae blood, even a small amount would work, the human would go insane wielding it.

Author Bio:

Like most authors, Elvira Bathory has always loved to read. When she was younger she had always been creative and dreamed of being the next big thing in music but found she didn’t make the cut for that creative outlet so she turned to other means of creativity. She started spinning worlds and fell in love with the idea of being a writer. When she turned 28 years old she decided it was time for her to settle down and married the man who had been pursuing her for years. Shortly after the two got married they started a family and Elvira decided it was time to dust off those old notebooks that contained her creative words so she would be able to stay home with her children. Five children later and Elvira took a chance, submitting some of her worlds wherever she could. Despite the fact that she hasn’t been published for very long she hasn’t slowed down in creating her worlds. She writes in the erotic genre, with a paranormal flair. She prefers to write about shifters, using animals that have never been used before or haven’t been used that often and she loves delving into the research to make her characters come to life. She’s been known to write a contemporary romance or two but just has more fun adding the paranormal aspect to all of her work.

Where to find her:

Facebook Profile Page: https://w ww.facebook.com/elvira.bathory.376

Facebook Author Page: https://www.facebook.com/ParanormalRomanceAuthorElviraBathory/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ElviraBathory

Tumblr: https://www.tumblr.com/blog/author-elvira-bathory

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/7111463.Elvira_Bathory

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/elvirabathory

Email address: elvira.bathory@authorelvirabathory.com

Website: http://authorelvirabathory.wix.com/elvira-bathory

Newsletter: https://app.mailerlite.com/webforms/landing/m8z3j3

Street Team Link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/PinUpsofElviraBathory/

Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/authorelvirabat/

BookBub: https://www.bookbub.com/authors/elvira-bathory

TikTok: https://vm.tiktoc.com/ZM8PHBJ

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/author_elvira_bathory/

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Rituals & Runes Author Feature

Angels, Demons, Shifters, Vampires…Oh My!

All your favorite sexy creatures of your dreams are waiting for you in Rituals & Runes, a tantalizing collection of paranormal romance and urban fantasy tales.

Fall under the spell of Rituals & Runes, coming Fall 2022! Including the brand new book, Huntress, by Bethany Shaw. She discusses it in this interview.

Author: Bethany Shaw

Book: Huntress

R&R: Tell us 3 things we will find in your book for the anthology.

Bethany: You will find a lot of sass from my main character, Faythe. She is a strong and independent woman but underneath her layers has a heart of gold. The story has a Buffy/Charmed feel to it, and lastly Faythe and Sebastian aren’t afraid to fight for what they know is right.

R&R: I’m hooked already! Tell us three qualities of the leading man in your book.

Bethany: Sebastian is stubborn and will do anything to protect Faythe. He is a powerful wizard who uses his magic for the greater good and he loves Faythe more than she will ever know.

R&R: Sexy. What magic appears in your book and what challenges come with that magic?

Bethany: There is a lot of magic in Huntress. Faythe is a half-demon, half-witch so she has teleportation and fire conjuring from her demon half and is a medium with premonitions from her witch half. Sebastian can cast spells, Medium, advanced telekinesis, and electrokinesis.

R&R: Very rich magical talents. What makes your main character powerful? Does your main character’s power relate to the Rituals and Runes Anthology theme? 

Bethany: Faythe has had her powers bound since she was a young girl and is really just starting to figure out what she can do with them since the spell is fading. 

R&R: That’s a great challenge to be involved in the story. Typically do you prefer the books you read to be steamy or sweet and what is your favorite genre to read? 

Bethany: I prefer steamy books but definitely prefer more story than just steam. I enjoy PNR and science fiction romance the most.

R&R: Awesome! What is your favorite magical movie?

Bethany: Practical Magic

R&R: Love it. What books do you have coming out that are not involved in the anthology?


Alpha Moonstone, A Vampire Rejected Mate 8/4

Hawaiian Desire, 9/27 

Captured by the Barbarian 10/26

R&R: We always could read more books. Would you rather live in reality or in your anthology book? Why?

Bethany: Reality. As fun as magic and creating new worlds is I love my kiddos and husband and can’t imagine being somewhere they aren’t.

R&R: Makes total sense. That’s very sweet. Thank you for chatting with us today. Readers, please read on to find out more about Huntress.

Book blurb:

Hunting vampires, demons and all things that go bump in the night is my job. Until the council I work for plots to kill me.

They murdered my brother and have set their sights on me.  Well, I’m not going down without a fight, and I just might take a few of them with me. I’m used to working alone. No one wants to pair up with a half-demon like me, except for Sebastian. He is everywhere I go and I can’t shake him. Sebastian ignites a fire in me and I want to trust him. The things he makes me feel set my body on fire. But it’s his father who has ordered the hit on me. It’s true what they say, keep your friends close and your enemies closer. You just aren’t supposed to fall for the enemy and I’m falling hard. I just hope Sebastian isn’t the death of me. 


Sebastian ran to catch up with me. “Where are you going?”

I threw my hands up in the air and groaned. “Hunting. Do you plan on tagging along all night and bothering me?” Part of me really hoped he said yes. I bit the inside of my cheek at that thought. I shouldn’t want him here. He was a witch. The perfect council boy. Everything that I wasn’t. The bastard had taunted me all the way through elementary into high school. He’d been an ass until about a year or so ago. That’s when something changed between us.

There was an attraction. Something more.

I flinched when Sebastian reached out and put his hand on my shoulder. “Faythe, can we go somewhere and talk. Maybe we can come up with a plan.”

I leveled my glare at him. “I got work to do.” I put my palm on his hand to throw it off my shoulder when a premonition rocked me. I gasped as the vision took hold.

Sebastian dove toward me tackling me to the ground seconds before a demon’s blade would have hit me. We rolled across the grass and hit a gravestone. The demon, no demons approached us from all sides. These weren’t your low level demons, these were the kind that you should run from.

I opened both my palms and did something I’d never done for another person before, opened my own portal and dragged me and Sebastian straight into hell.

I snapped out of my vision with a gasp. My hand went to my chest. I drew in a shaky breath.

“What did you see?” Sebastian asked. He put his other hand on my shoulder so he was almost hugging me.

I shook my head and pulled away from him. “It was nothing.”

“You shouldn’t ignore premonitions. They usually mean something, Faythe.”

I rolled my eyes. Premonitions were my witch powers. They were erratic and I had a hard time making sense of them. They weren’t usually like this though. This one had shown me a lot. Enough to rock me to my core. Whatever I’d seen it wasn’t tonight. Sebastian had been wearing his leather jacket and he had on sweater tonight.

I shrugged away from him.

“Where are you going? What did you see?” Sebastian stalked after me.

“We are going to hell, apparently, but not tonight. Tonight I’m going home. See you later.” I waved my hand at him as I climbed on my bike. I flipped the ignition and put my foot on the pedal as I gave it some gas. Then sped away before he could say anything else. Why on earth would I ever think to take Sebastian into Hell with me? Hell was the only place I could open a portal to. When would this happen?

It wouldn’t. Couldn’t if I avoided him. That was easier said than done, but I’d never back away from a challenge.

Author Bio:

Bethany Shaw writes paranormal, science fiction and contemporary romance. Vampires, shapeshifters, and good old-fashioned romances are her favorites, and she promises to always give a happily ever after. Writing has always been a passion of hers and she enjoys creating fun and imaginative characters and worlds.

She lives in a small town near Columbus, Ohio with her husband and two kids. Rescuing animals and giving them forever homes has always been important to her. She has 3 dogs and 1 cat. Bethany also enjoys baking, her favorite thing to bake is chocolate chip cookies or oatmeal scotchies. Her late evenings are often spent reading until she falls asleep. Some of her favorite authors include Sherilyn Kenyon, Rachel Vincent and Cassandra Clare.

Sign up for Bethany Shaw’s newsletter and stay up to date on new releases, teasers, and sales. You can sign up for her newsletter by following the link below.

Where You Can Find Her:






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