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Eat Your Heart Out Holiday Edition Charity Anthology

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Blood Witch

Kiss My Sass: Dire Wolf Mates 6

No Otter Lover

Twice Mated Tales Books 1-3

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Holiday Kisses – Holiday Kisses is $0.99 starting Dec 5th thru the 31st then this antho goes away forever on Jan 1

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Yule Spice by Maya Black

Bond of Gems by Mira Cullen

Bedeviled By The Moon: Midnight Magnolias 11 by P. Mattern

Monster’s Secret by Bishop & Kincaid TBR Dec 19th

Claiming Chaos by Carrie Pulkinen TBR Dec 12th

The Fallen Valkyrie Duet by J.E. Taylor TBR December 4th:

Christmas Wish by J.E. Taylor TBR December 5th:

Silent Night Trilogy by J.E. Taylor :

Fae Bureau of Investigation by Scarlett West

1st-31st $0.99 December: Wolf’s Whisper (My Winter Wolf #1) by Arizona Tape:

1st-31st $0.99 December: Frosts and Fears (Grimm Academy) by Laura Greenwood:

Hedging Her Bets @.99 Dec 7-21st

Mistle Tie Me @.99 Dec 14th-28th

Santa’s Destiny by Tami Lund 99c for the month of December:

20th December – 31st January: Feline The Heat by Laura Greenwood FREE:

Art of the Hunt by Tami Lund 99c, Dec 6-16:

10th-26th December (BBFD): Shifter’s Heart (99c) Greenwood & Tape:

99c 7th-14th December: Harvest Of Dionysus (Queens Of Olympus):

Free through December: The Dancer and the Robin (The Shifter Season) by Laura Greenwood:


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Hades @.99 Dec 7-14th

Lilith @.99 Dec 7-14th

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Shifter Scrooge

His Carrot Her Muffin

Holiday Kisses


Gift Wrapped Protector

Unexpected Protector

The Dragon’s Dream

The Dragon’s Christmas Gift

Bearing Gifts

A Bear for Christmas

Bearly Tamed

Polar Opposites

Polar Outbreak

Polar Curve

Charley’s Christmas Wolf

Her Solstice Wolf

His Winter Mate

Snow Angel

Home for the Howlidays

A Furry Little Christmas

The Wolf’s Winter Wish

Gift Wrapped Protector

Purrfectly Naughty

Moongate Island Christmas Claim

The Tiger King’s Christmas Bride

⏰⏰⏰ Tick tock…

Unbearable by C.D. Gorri is coming in just 1 week! Did you order yours?

Can an ex-Alpha and his housekeeper find common ground when the kids are all grown?

🐻 Second Chance Romance ✅

🐻 Fated Mates ✅

🐻 Mature Couple Over 50 ✅

🐻 Steamy Scenes ✅

🐻 Beary Happy Ending ✅

The Barvale Clan Den has been a place of refuge for all members of the Bear Shifter Clan in good standing since Iggy Devlin’s great-grandfather built the place. But with his cubs all grown, and his retirement kicking in, the old Black Bear just can’t seem to settle. It doesn’t help that wherever he goes, she’s there! Always underfoot, er, claw.

Clary Aylin has been the Devlin family housekeeper since her mate died when she was barely out of her twenties. With no cubs of her own, watching those boys grow and having a hand in raising them was one of the greatest pleasures of her life.

She’s kept her feelings for their father under wraps for decades, but what’s she going to do now that the kids are all gone and all that’s left is the sexy, growly curmudgeon of a Bear himself?

Iggy Devlin has never looked at her as anything other than a maid. Is he capable of change or are some things too ingrained? Clary has a decision to make. Tell him the truth or quit her job.

But will leaving prove unbearable for this smitten Sow?

#cdgorribooks #barvaleclan #fatedmates #bearshifter #paranormalromance


NEW & RECENT releases:

Blood Witch

Kiss My Sass: Dire Wolf Mates 6


No Otter Lover

Virtue Saved

Holiday Kisses

Twice Mated Tales Books 1-3

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Bearly Mated is $0.99

Stallion Shield is $0.99

Purrfectly Mated is FREE

Charley’s Christmas Wolf is FREE

Wolf Shield is FREE

G’Witches is FREE

Bound By Air is FREE

Wolf Moon is FREE

The Dragon’s Valentine is FREE


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Hunting The Vampire Prince by Nikki Gray

Grumpy Damaged Alpha Shifter by Blossom Seafarrer

Cursebreaker Box Set by JT Lawrence

Rejected by the Immortal Box Set

Cruel Is My Court: Wicked Realms by L.A. McGinnis

Modern Goddess (Fallen Valkyrie Book 2) by J.E. Taylor

The Heir and the Tiger (A Shifter Season story) by Laura Greenwood

Shadow Gambit: a Steamy Witch Romance (Cursed Descendants Book 3) by A.S. Green

Chaos and Ash (Fire Witches of Salem Book 1) by Carrie Pulkinen

Webs We Weave (Tutela Brotherhood Book 3) by Josette Reuel & S.E. Isaac

Straws In The Wind (Midnight Magnolias Book 10) by P. Patricia Mattern & L. Gauthier

Shifter’s Charm (A Shifter’s Mate Book 2) by S.E. Isaac

Cyrus (Smokejumpers Book 2) by Eve Riley

Horus (Speed Dating with the Denizens of the Underworld Book 32) by Laura Greenwood

Commanding Chaos (Fire Witches of Salem Book 2) by Carrie Pulkinen

Dating A Love Goddess (Jinx Paranormal Dating Agency #1) by Laura Greenwood:

Satan’s Kitty (A Pawsitively Purrfect Match) by Pepper McGraw

Mermaid’s Tail by TJ Bell

Spike (Speed Dating with the Denizens of the Underworld Book 31) by Ariel Dawn

Monster’s Enemy (Blackthorn Academy for Supernaturals Book 4) by Cara North

Monster’s Past (Blackthorn Academy for Supernaturals Book 5) by Laura Greenwood

Hellbound Heart by Kincade & Bishop @.99 Nov 2-16

His To Keep by Carrie Davis @.99 US & UK Nov 9-15

Blood Of My Enemy by Ariel Dawn @ .99 Oct 26th-Nov 2

Sanguine Shadows by Erzabet Bishop @.99 Nov 16th-30th

99c 24th October – 7th November: The Griffin Sanctuary 1-3 by Laura greenwood :

6th-12th November 99c: Blood Kindness (The Hybrid Festival) by Arizona Tape:

9c 12th October – 9th November: A Touch Of Wrath (The Forked Tail #1) by Arizona Tape:

6th-20th November: Drinking Blood For Squeamish Vampires (Obscure Academy #2) by Laura Greenwood:

6th-12th November Free: Pumpkin Spice And All Things Nice (Cauldron Coffee Shop #1) by Laura Greenwood:

His To Save by Carrie Davis @.99 US & UK Nov 2-8 Amazon:

Resist by T Lund on sale for 99c, Nov 1-15:

1st-30th November: The Vampire’s Bite (The Paranormal Council) by Laura Greenwood 99c:

6th-14th November free (Laura Greenwood with Arizona Tape): Hexes and Vexes (Amethyst’s Wand Shop Mysteries #1):

Kitten Around by Erzabet Bishop @.99 Nov 16-30th

New Orleans by Julie Morgan @.99 Nov 6-12

99¢ preoder through release day on 11/14 . Regular price $3.99 after that

Hecate by Ariel Dawn @ .99 Nov 9th-16th

Bite Me by Ariel Dawn


Sooo…I did a thing and made a C.D. Gorri NSFW Coloring Book!

Accepting orders now 🙂



We all know accidents happen, and despite rigorous editing, sometimes errors slip through in books, be they indie published or traditionally published. It’s not the end of the world, but it might be the end of a career if handled badly. What can you do as a reader? Let the author know.

Reach out to the author and let them know you found a typo or mistake. I know a lot of you are grammar experts, or maybe you do editorial work as your profession, or maybe you are another author, but before you report a mistake, consider asking the author if it was intentional. There are other ways to let an author know you found an error in a book rather than writing it in a review or reporting it to Zon. The author might even have a form where you can report their boo boos! 😉
Here’s mine:

So remember, everyone makes mistakes. Most authors appreciate the heads up. It’s kind of like letting someone know they have spinach in their teeth at a dinner party or that their fly is unzipped. So, maybe try an email or a DM. I’m always happy to hear from folks who are out to do me a solid. You readers are the best!

Thanks for being awesome. Keep on reading.


C.D. Gorri
#cdgorribooks #supportindieauthors #mistakeshappen


It’s an OCTOBER BOOK FAIR! Check out the links below 😉

NEW & RECENT releases:

No Otter Lover

Virtue Saved

Castings & Curses ANTHOLOGY

Monster’s Kiss

Love That Sass

Purrfectly Timed

Earth Witch

Book Sale:

FUCN’A It’s a Sale! Jersey Sure Shifters Books 1-3 by C.D. Gorri are $0.99 each October 1-31


Wolf Shield is FREE

Hers to Bear is @.99 through Oct 15

G’Witches is Free through October


New Releases and SALES from book friends

Medusa: Speed Dating with the Denizens of the Underworld by Kincade & Bishop

Shadow Legacies by Kincade & Bishop

Blue Moon Rising by Kincade & Bishop

Gray Vale Pack by Eve Riley

The Witch Assassin by JE Taylor

Villainous Magic by AS Green

Vine Of The Heavens (Forgotten Gods #12) by Laura Greenwood

Monster’s Spell by Ariel Dawn

Pets In Space 8 Anthology:

Where Fate Leads by Reina Torres

Archmage by Ariel Dawn

Shift Storm, Scared Shiftless #2 Ariel Dawn and Margo Bond Collins

Summer Girl by AS Green

Devour by J. Truesdale

The Indefinite by P. Mattern and L. Gauthier

Bear with Me TJ Bell

Kickstarter by Cara North running October 1st-15th:

Carrie Pulkinen Korts: Azrael @.99 Oct 5-12:

Julie Morgan: Samael @.99 Oct 12-19th:

1st-31st (free): Pumpkin Carving For Superstitious Witches (Obscure Academy) by Laura Greenwood:

Mirror, Mirror, a quirky, funny Halloween PNR romance by Tami Lund, is on sale for 99c Sept 1 – Oct 31:

Nothing To Forgive by Carrie Davis @.99 US & UK Oct 12-18 Amazon:

12th-22nd October 99c: Serpent Of The Crown (Forgotten Gods) by Laura Greenwood:

1st-31st October: 99c Harpy’s Mission (Supernatural Retrieval Agency #1) by Laura Greenwood:

Blood & Lust Ariel Dawn @.99 Oct 12th-26th

His Fated Mate by Eve Riley @.99 October 5-19

Sigil Fire by Erzabet Bishop @.99 October 5-19th

Waking Up Wolf Erzabet Bishop @.99 October 19th-Nov 2

Arizona Tape

99c 12th October – 9th November: A Touch Of Wrath (The Forked Tail#1) by Arizona Tape:

99c (for BBFD) 24th October – 7th November: The Griffin Sanctuary 1 3 by Arizona Tape:

ShadowBlade Academy by KC Kingmaker

Steel and Stone (Cursed Kingdoms #2) by Silvana Sanchez

10th October – Herbal Concoctions And Out Of Options (Cauldron Coffee Shop #11) by Laura Greenwood: