Shifter CEO

He’s a hardhearted CEO, but he needs her help…

Andres Steele, CEO of Steele Industries, knows what his Pack is saying about him. The Alpha doesn’t care that they call him the hardhearted head of the wood processing company he inherited from his father. He’s proved himself repeatedly as both Alpha and CEO. His innovations increased overall revenue by eighteen percent, and since he took the reins of the Steele Pack, there have been no major incidents. Still, his people don’t trust him, and Andres needs them to. His Wolf demands it.
Good thing his buddy, and former special ops team member, has a solution. On his advice, the Alpha hires an image consultant to help improve his overall appeal. Daria Graves is an independent woman just starting out with her own consulting firm, and she needs every recommendation she can get. Andres doesn’t know what to make of the curvy she-Wolf when he first sees her, but his Wolf has a few ideas.
Sometimes it takes an expert to keep everyone safe and steady. For Shifters, it was doubly important to keep their world a secret from the human one. Daria is that expert. Got a Grizzly who can’t stop growling? She’s your girl. Known a Lion who won’t stop leaping? She’s on it. How about a Wolf with a snapping problem? Her methods include relaxation techniques, exploring the real issues, and positive reinforcement to help her kind remain stable and excel. When a friend of her father’s asks for help, she doesn’t hesitate.
Will Daria get through to Andres before it’s too late?

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Fated Mates, Curvy Heroine, Angsty Romance, Shifter Romance, Loner Hero, Grumpy Sunshine

Series Reviews

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “Andres and Daria are a good team, in remaking his image for his Pack’s sake. However, they discover so much more together. I thoroughly enjoyed this angsty, eye-opening (for the Pack as well) story.”- Bookbub Reviewer

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