Shifter Scrooge

Can her holiday spirit unlock his icy heart?

Striker Sanchez hates Christmas. What better way to spend the holiday season than house sitting for his former team leader in the middle of nowhere? Finally, he could get some peace and quiet far away from the grossly commercial season and all its trappings.
Beatrix Gallo decides to drop in on her favorite cousin as a Christmas surprise.
Spontaneity is the spice of life, right?
Dressed in her best holiday jammies, Bea grabs some of her favorite supplies, and heads over to the reclusive cabin where her cousin lives with her new hubby.
But when the curvy optimist arrives, holly in hand, she finds the happy couple gone, and a certifiable Scrooge in their place. Even worse, an incoming storm makes it impossible for her to leave.
Striker can’t believe he’s stuck with a woman dressed like an Elf for the whole weekend. So what if she smells like gingerbread and makes his Tiger purr? He isn’t looking for a mate. Definitely not a human one. Time for some ground rules, and Striker did not do comprises.
No caroling.
No baking.
And absolutely no decorations.

Will Bea survive being trapped during the holidays with grumpy Striker?
Find out in Shifter Scrooge.

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Fated Mates, Curvy Heroine, Holiday Romance, Shifter Romance, Loner Hero, Grumpy Sunshine

Series Reviews

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “Striker isn’t a bad guy or shifter persay but with a childhood like his who could blame him? When he is asked to house sit for his old commander because of poachers, he jumps at the chance, he hates Christmas and anything to do with it so for him this is a chance to get away. Well, little does he know the fates are gonna give him one heck of a Christmas miracle in the form of a sassy little female who loves everything Christmas and blows in with the snow right on the front porch…And his tiger is on board with the female… Bea is no pushover, and she is one determined female… So what Mr. Grumpy Pants, you don’t even like Christmas cookies? WHO doesn’t like Christmas cookies… This book gives it all… Sexy, Steamy, Funny, and a bit of action to boot. Enjoy I sure did!” -BookNookNuts

“loved it !! love this series !! love Trixie.. Bea and Striker.. this is their snowed in story… a fast paced rom/com drama… Striker has the perfect place to stay for the holidays.. at his friends cabin in the middle of nowhere.. he hates Christmas… ! Bea is going to surprise her favorite cousin by going to their cabin with all the trimmings for Christmas… when , she gets there, Mr. Grumpy hottie is there.. well, she’ll just have to get him in the spirit… so funny !! so good !!!” – Bookbub Reviewer

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