Vampire Shield

He left her behind years ago. She’s never forgotten.

The Loyalist Union of Logic and Order has a new leader, and they are threatening the balance of magic. Witches are being attacked, and Shifters kidnapped, their magic siphoned through ritualistic bloodletting, a dark and ancient Vampiric practice that had not been utilized in an age.

Byram Evers is the only Vampire with the Guardians of Chaos. His Alpha sends him to investigate the mystery behind the magic letting epidemic, and the trail leads Byram back to his former Clan.

And back to her.

Princess Kaelene of the Clan Withers has spent years obeying her father and bowing to the demands of the Vampire laws. Betrayed by love, she refuses all suitors, determined to live the remainder of her life alone. Then he comes back, and her world turns upside down.

Will Byram discover the truth behind the bloodletting and redeem himself to the only woman who ever mattered?