His Wild Temptation

She was a temptation he couldn’t afford, but letting her go was not an option.

Marat Volkov was known as the face of Volkov Industries. With his movie star good looks, he attracted class and money to his multi-billion dollar corporation, not to mention all the right PR. Born with the face of an angel, his activities were anything but celestial.

All work and no play was not his style. What better place to let off steam than Sin City itself? The curvy goddess serving drinks in the exclusive VIP lounge of his favorite hotel was exactly what the playboy craved, and he was used to getting his way. He’d expected making love to her was going to be profound. But getting married? That was another story.

Marianna “Destiny” Valdez moved to Las Vegas with dreams of becoming a star. Unfortunately, serving booze to a bunch of bigwigs was as close as she was ever going to get. The constant rejection letters were a regular occurrence. But it was her birthday, and she needed something to go right. So, when a handsome customer asked her out, Destiny accepted. A night of wining, dining, and other things was exactly what she needed. But waking up married?

Yeah, no. Not so much.

He should get an annulment, but keeping the curvy woman is a wild temptation he can’t resist.

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