His Wild Seduction

He was looking for something to do, then she walked into his life.

Josef Aziz earned his reputation for stealth and lethality when he was in the military. Now, he was head of security for Volkov Industries. His employee package included a portfolio that earned him billions over the years. He could have retired a long time ago, but there was only so much work a man with his skill set could do. Without any family of his own, there was no reason to retire. After all, a man needed something to do.

When Meredith Gray’s stepfather made a request, she had no choice but to answer. With his company in trouble, and their finances in ruin, there was only one place to turn. The Volkov family was supposedly out of the crime business, but old debts demanded payment. She never expected to run into him, though.

Josef never thought he would see her again. The ice queen who’d turned him down flat years ago, but she’d requested a meeting with his employers and it was like a gift from above. He still wanted Meredith, despite everything she put him through.

She needed help, and he would give it to her. But not for nothing. Making her beg was not enough. He wanted her so addicted she could not survive without his touch. There were no lengths he was not willing to go to secure his seduction of her.

Sometimes the past was too wild to set free.

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