Doubly Claimed

Twice Mated Tales 1

Will this curvy redhead find her match with two smexy shifters?

Needing a break from her nightmare boss, Ginger is more than ready for the Freeman sisters’ annual vacation. She loves being a preschool teacher. If only her supervisor would keep his comments about her weight to himself! This feisty redhead is sick and tired of having to eat in her car to avoid the man’s snide looks and rude comments.
A weekend getaway with her siblings is just what she needs! With a pitcher of watermelon margs, some tasty bear claws from the hotel bakery, and plenty of beach time, Ginger is determined to enjoy her stay on Moongate Island. She might even meet a man or two for some no-complications fun!
Misha Orson is a Kodiak Bear Shifter and the Alpha of his multi-Shifter Clan on Kodiak Island. Along with his Omega, Constantine Ross, a Roosevelt Elk Shifter, he oversees the health and safety of their small and tightknit community.
Desperate to find their third, they travel to Moongate Island for a secret meeting of the Council of Triads. But they never expected to find her in the very same hotel. The beautiful human is exactly what they always wanted.
They just have to convince her that she is theirs, forever and always.

Popular Tropes

Fated Mates, Curvy Heroine, Shifter Secret World, Alpha Omega Triad, MFM Romance

Series Reviews

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “Ginger loves her job but not her overbearing boss. He just won’t let it go with the snide comments about her weight. She needs a break, so when her sisters decide they should all go on a vacation she readily agrees. Moongate Island sounds and looks like a dream. Why are the men in pairs? And why are they all so drop-dead gorgeous and looking at her? Misha and Con are thrilled to hopefully find their third and when they do… Can they keep her? Will she want them both? Grab your copy and find out. Let the fun begin!!!” -Bookbub Reviewer

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