Pinch of Sass

Dire Wolf Mates Book 3

Will this stoic Dire Wolf admit the sassy feline is his fated mate and stake his claim?

Ariella Golden needs to persuade sexy Dire Wolf Beta, and the amazingly talented chef at Serious Moonlight, Brock Laurent to use her Pride’s corporation, Eat Well Live Proud, for all the roadhouse’s needs in order to win her company’s coveted quarterly prize.

But that’s not the only reason this Golden girl is chasing this grumpy Wolf!

EWLP offers the best organic, non-GMO, and responsibly harvested fish and meat—going with them is a no brainer. The problem is the stubborn lil’ doggy happens to be her fated mate, but he’s in denial! Can the Lioness break down his barriers or will she get hurt in the process?

Brock is perfectly content to cook good food, listen to classic rock, and hang out with his Pack at their new place in Blue Valley, New Jersey. Settling down is hard on his animal, but so far so good—except for the fact he’s being hunted by a pesky she-Cat.

Can’t this female take a hint? He is better off alone, but this curvy, curly-headed goddess is all he thinks about lately.

Trying to ignore the pull of his mate is a losing battle. Desperate, Brock develops a plan to test whether the virginal hellcat can handle all of him. It’s time to confront his fears.

Here, kitty kitty.

Stunned when Brock propositions her, but with the encouragement of her family, Ariella agrees to a single night in the sexy Dire Wolf’s arms to seal the deal that will put her in the running for EWLP’s quarterly prize, but that’s not all. One night is all she has to get the big dumb chef to realize Ariella is exactly who the Fates designed for him.

One mate custom made with curves galore and a pinch of sass.

Will she prove she can take anything the Wolf man dishes out?