Kickin’ Sass

A Purely Paranormal Romance Book
Dire Wolf Mates

Summer fun meets eternal love in this sass kickin’ fated mates romance!

Phoenix Tala is taking a break from his new home on the border of Blue Valley where his Pack and MC have recently settled down.

With his Dire Wolf feeling out of sorts, he takes a road trip to clear his beast’s mind. But the Fates have more in store for him than an easy ride.

Tracey Donner is tired of her upper-crust parents’ disapproval. After a shopping trip gets nasty, she takes off for the one place she felt happy as a child. Maccon City, New Jersey. She is ready for some serious changes in her life. But until then, a girl could have a little fun, couldn’t she?

Of course, she never expected to run into that fun face first.


A spontaneous skinny dip turns into something else when she swims into a midnight bather with more muscles than she knew was possible for one man to have.

Willing to dive into a vacation fling with the bad boy biker, Tracey is all about the moment, but Phoenix has forever on his mind.

Can he convince the luscious female to be his mate?