Kiss My Sass

Dire Wolf Mates Book 6
Can a Dire Wolf with the sight find his future with a wanted female? Rare Raven Shifter Domenica Corvo is being hunted by her ex, the leader of her former Murder, when she stumbles on her knight in shining fur. Thor Ulger is not just the Enforcer for the Dire Wolf MC. He is also their Seer—an ancient and feared position gifted by the Fates to those strong enough to hold it. Part of his job is to see the paths of those Wolves he calls Packs and to mark their skin with their stories once they have found their fated mates. If only he was destined for the same future as those he cares about. Resigned to living his life alone, Thor’s entire world turns upside down when a Raven with a broken wing crash lands at his feet. She needs sanctuary, but this sassy little bird is no one’s pet project. He thought falling in love wasn’t in the cards, but the Fates work in mysterious ways. Thor is on the fast track to losing his heart with every passing second. When her ex demands she return to him, there’s only one answer as far as Thor is concerned. Anyone coming for his mate can kiss his sass!