Love That Sass

Dire Wolf Mates Book 5
Can a fun loving bad boy Dire Wolf find redemption with a curvy human? Weylin Scott is the original DWMC playboy. The stud muffin Wolf has always been the love ’em and leave ’em type. But all his conquests know drill, so no harm, no foul, right? But what happens when a human with a heart of gold catches the attention of the ramblin’ redhead? His Alpha says she’s off limits, but his wolf can’t stay away. Will he endanger the Pack by revealing what his is too fast, too soon? Raised by the former deacon to be a good girl, Gwendolyn Hoffer has vowed to save herself for marriage. She needs a job to help pay for her grandfather’s care at a local assisted living facility, and applying to be a part time bartender at the new roadhouse seems the perfect solution. But how is Gwen supposed to stick to her guns when she’s surrounded by such naughty temptations? Weylin has to convince the beautiful Gwendolyn she’s the only woman for him. But can she handle his furry side as well?