Wolf’s Scottish Geek

A Macconwood Pack Tale
Arran and Delia

An American Werewolf in Scotland meets her match in a Highland Bull.

Delia Crescent is on a working vacation in Edinburgh, looking for new stock to add to the secret occult section of Crescent Moon Books, which she co-owns with her sister in Maccon City.

Used to being footloose and fancy free, things get complicated when the she-Wolf meets a handsome stranger with an irresistible brogue.

Arran Balloch is a solitary Bull, preferring to spend his time with his nose in a book. He’s not interested in breeding the females of his Herd—or anyone, for that matter.

Then he runs into his mate and all his preconceived notions fly out the window.

Will this baffled Bull woo his wily Wolf?