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Alien Protector

Wolf’s Scottish Geek

Fire Witch

Shifter Kisses


Sinful Kisses by Gina Kincade https://books2read.com/kiss2

Zara by Pepper McGraw https://books2read.com/the-veiled-zara/

Berry Infusion And Lots Of Confusion by Laura Greenwood http://books2read.com/berryinfusionandlotsofconfusion

Various Authors (via Laura Greenwood) Dukes Of Magic PNR (Historical) Bookfunnel https://bit.ly/dukesofmagic

Summer Break For Awkward Bears by Laura Greenwood https://books2read.com/summerbreakforawkwardbears

Lances and Chances by Arizona Tape & Laura Greenwood https://books2read.com/lancesandchances

Multiple Authors Shift ‘N’ Howl Anthology https://books2read.com/SU18

Athena by Ariel Dawn https://books2read.com/Underworld26

Crown Of Grief by Laura Greenwood https://books2read.com/crownofgrief

Guardian Of The Oasis by Laura Greenwood https://books2read.com/guardianoftheoasis


Surrendering to Her MateErzabet Bishop (via Gina)https://books2read.com/MWM2June 1st-15th0.99
Map Of BonesErzabet Bishop (via Gina)https://books2read.com/CW4June 1st-15th0.99
Written on SkinErzabet Bishop (via Gina)https://books2read.com/SF2UFJune 8th-22nd0.99
Brimstone WolfDana Wright (via Gina)https://books2read.com/MoonCalled2June 22nd-July 6th0.99
MaledictionErzabet Bishop (via Gina)https://books2read.com/u/bowp0AJune 29-July 13th0.99
Of Love and DarknessTami Lundhttps://buy.bookfunnel.com/7x9ts4ghmlJune 1-30Free
Bearly MatedC.D. Gorrihttps://buy.bookfunnel.com/w3nfmu6p0bJune 1-300.99
Mated to the Dragon KingC.D. Gorrihttps://Books2read.com/mttdkJune 16-July 160.99
Garridan’s MateRebecca Hefnerhttps://bit.ly/EEGMWebJune 1-300.99
Sebastian’s FateRebecca Hefnerhttps://bit.ly/SFWebJune 1-300.99
Pumpkin Spice And All Things NiceLaura Greenwoodhttps://books2read.com/pumpkinspiceandallthingsniceJune 1-July 230.99
The Dryad’s PawprintLaura Greenwoodhttps://books2read.com/thedryadspawprintJune 1-300.99
Daughter Of The SunLaura Greenwoodhttps://books2read.com/daughterofthesunJune 20 – July 30Free
Her Rival Dragon MateArizona Tapehttps://books2read.com/herrivaldragonmateJune 1-300.99
Later GatorJuia Millshttps://books2read.com/u/4jNEEY

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Chickee and the Paparazzi: A FUCNA Book

Tempted by Her Protector

The Wolf’s Winter Wish

Fire Witch


His Healing Heart by Eve Riley https://books2read.com/GrayVale3 May 4

Sigils & Spells Anthology https://books2read.com/charmedmagic4 May 9

Shifter’s Escape by Laura Greenwood & Arizona Tape https://books2read.com/shiftersescape May 10

Trading Names For Polite Sprites by Laura Greenwood https://books2read.com/tradingnamesforpolitesprites May 11

Trading Names For Polite Sprites by Laura Greenwood https://books2read.com/recallingmemoriesforforgetfulphoenixes May 13

Pack Magic by J.E. Taylor https://books2read.com/PackMagic75 May 15

The Solitary Protector by Rebecca Hefner https://books2read.com/EETSP May 16

Council Of Poseidon by Arizona Tape https://books2read.com/councilofposeidon May 20

Alaastor by Julie Morgan https://books2read.com/Underworld25 May 23


from C.D. Gorri

Cat’s Howl https://books2read.com/mp2 thru May 8

Doubly Bound https://books2read.com/TwiceMated2 May 4th-18th

Shifter City https://books2read.com/HeartofStone2 May 18th – June 1st

Hers To Bear https://books2read.com/bht2 May 1-31

Polar Opposites PNR Wide https://books2read.com/barvale1 May 1-31

from amazing author friends

Potions and Petals: A Limited Edition Paranormal Romance Anthology FREE

The End of Hatred by Rebecca Hefner https://books2read.com/TEoH April 25-May 28

Etherya’s Earth Volume II: Books 4-6 by Rebecca Hefner https://www.chirpbooks.com/audiobooks/etherya-s-earth-volume-ii-books-4-6-by-rebecca-hefner April 15-May 1

Apprentice Of The Dead by Laura Greenwood https://books2read.com/apprenticeofthedead April 26-May 31

Sign Steal Deliver by Carrie Pulkinen http://getbook.at/SignStealDeliver May 21 – 27

Tainted Ashes by Laura Greenwood https://books2read.com/taintedashes May 1st-31st

Kitten Around by Erzabet Bishop https://books2read.com/SHDating3 May 4th-18th

Burning For You by Erzabet Bishop https://books2read.com/u/3LprrJ May 4th-18th

Chocolate Moon Cafe by Erzabet Bishop & Gina Kincade https://books2read.com/SHDApp3 May 18th-June 1
Taming The Beast by Erzabet Bishop https://books2read.com/u/4Axggo May 18th-June 1

Ready for some more shenanigans? A new FUCN’A book is on its way!

Hey wonderful readers,

Did you know Chickee and the Paparazzi will be here in just 4 days? Well, it will! Are you ready for some hilarious FUCN’A fun Jersey Sure Shifter style?

Sneak peek:

This hen was not about to get plucked by some weasel in nice clothing.

“Did you just call security on me? I’m an agent, Ms. Prinz. You know what that means, right? I am on the same side as you!” he stated, seemingly astounded.

“All I know is you are following me, like your unscrupulous father did for my entire life, Mr. Marten. Do you people have no shame?” Chickee asked, pushing her short, blonde hair behind her ears.

“Ms. Prinz, I am not working for my father’s paper any longer. I just said I’m an agent—”  

“Photographers from The World According to Marten have been hounding me for years. There is no way I believe you. Besides, coincidence or not, I will not work anywhere you or your family have any influence. Excuse me. Officer?”

“Did you call for security, miss?”

“Yes, I did. I need to see Ms. Cooper now,” she said, straightening her shoulders.

Without looking at Dario, Chickee tossed her scarf over her head and hustled behind the confused-looking security officer. She did not care what the weasel behind her did, follow or not. Chickee was on a mission, and she needed to have a meeting with Director Cooper.

Right now.

Contract or not, Chickee Prinz was not about to stick around to get screwed by another Marten. And, no, she did not mean in the fun, smexy-times way.

Cluck cluck?

No, she snapped at her inner horn-bird.

This was not the time to get all googly-eyed over some tall, dark, sexy-as-all-get-out-but-completely-unattainable man. Besides, she should never allow her guard down around a Marten! His family was evil.

Fine. Maybe not evil. But they were the worst kind of paparazzi scum she had ever encountered. There were dozens of tall, strapping males inside the Marten family group. Those tayra males had disguised themselves as everything from coaches and teachers to nurses, doctors, and even fellow students to get the inside scoop on Chickee when she was a kid.

She was so not doing this. Typically, if there was a Marten around, Chickee would flee. But was she really going to give up another dream because of one unscrupulous little weasel?

That was the real question.


I can’t wait for you to read this!



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Gift Wrapped Protector

Chickee and the Paparazzi: A FUCNA Book

Kickin’ Sass

Purrfectly Paired

Guardians of Chaos Volume 1

Guardians of Chaos Volume 2

Audiobook GIVEAWAY Promo

Giveaway link: http://www.rafflecopter.com/rafl/display/3378cfe833


Her Savage Protector by Julia Mills https://geni.us/2cyWZ3

Michael: Speed Dating with the Denizens of the Underworld by Silvana G. Sánchez: https://books2read.com/Underworld24

Eat Your Heart Out 3 Charity Anthology: books2read.com/eyho3

By Quell T. Fox April 16 Capybara Island https://books2read.com/capybaraisland

April 6th for Erzabet Bishop and Gina Kincade : https://books2read.com/ShadowLegacies3

13th April Princess Of Peas (Grimm Academy #17) by Laura Greenwood : books2read.com/princessofpeas

New Orleans Nocturnes by Carrie Pulkinen on April 5th

8th April The Alien’s Shepherd (Aliens and Animals #4) by Arizona Tape and LAura Greenwood: books2read.com/thealiensshepherd

Mated to the Pack by Jade Alters https://buy.bookfunnel.com/7l5krx0eq1?tid=b79jgen3go

Welcome to WhyNot https://buy.bookfunnel.com/70z2iy0vkj?tid=esgf3lyzy1


from C.D. Gorri

Cat’s Howl is $0.99 EVERYWHERE April 20 – May5

Mated to the Werewolf Next Door is $0.99 April 5 -18

Moongate Island Mate @.99 Mar 23rd-April 6th https://books2read.com/MIT1

from amazing author friends

Your Wolfish Heart by Bishop & Kincade @.99 –wide only April 6th-20th https://books2read.com/SHDApp2

Hellbound Heart by Bishop & Kincade @.99 –wide only April 6th-20th https://books2read.com/BornofHellfire1

Hunter Moon Bishop & Kincade @.99 –wide only April 4th-18th https://books2read.com/ShadowLegacies1

Lioness of Karnak by Laura Greenwood is Free until 30th April: books2read.com/lionessofkarnak

Shadow Seer (Scythe Grove Academy #1) by Laura Greenwood Free 1st-30th April: books2read.com/shadowseer

99c 1st-30th April Tiger Crown (Sabre Woods Academy #1) by Laura Greenwood: books2read.com/tigercrown

99c 17th-23rd April (goes off sale 30th April) Hexes and Hearts Charity Anthology: books2read.com/hexesandhearts

Dragon It’s Cold Outside by Julia Mills AMAZON EVERYWHERE: https://geni.us/9v1sZb 4/1 thru 4/15

The Dragon’s Reluctant Sacrifice by Ines Johnson https://dl.bookfunnel.com/olalkljscs

Midnight Conquest https://buy.bookfunnel.com/ki514i74pf?tid=aeg2wlngdx

The Dark King’s Heart https://buy.bookfunnel.com/5lkoiwzhns?tid=5ir6vs84c4


❤🐭🐍🐂🦔🐁😈 Jersey Sure Shifters by C.D. Gorri are here…and the Rockies will never be the same! ❤🐭🐍🐂🦔🐁😈

Books1-3 are now in 1 boxed set:



Chinchilla and the Devil

Someone has been stealing meatless meatballs from the cafeteria at the Furry United Coalition Newbie Academy or FUCN’A as it’s called for short!

Conflict Resolution & Situation De-escalation Counselor Sofia Pelosi must discover and stop the meatless meatball marauder from wreaking havoc on the cadets’ diets. But to do that, she must help Tony Leeds, a private investigator, break into the academy files. The handsome devil will help, but only if Sofia scratches his back in return.

Sammi and the Jersey Bull

A hedgie charged with identity theft. A bull with questionable familial associations. Tofu Taco Tuesdays are about to get real at FUC Academy.

Samantha Andrews is eager to rise in the ranks, but being charged with criminal activity is no way to get there! Sergio Gravino is just another PRIC tracking his perp to the Rockies. Imagine his shock when his prime suspect turns out to be his mate. Can Sammi convince him she’s innocent?

Mouse and the Ball

A mouse determined to be independent. A ball python with an insatiable urge to protect his main squeeze. Will Wasabi Wednesdays prove too hot for these two to handle?

Ever since she was rescued, Julietta DiCarlo has been put off by the smexy man her inner beastie desires. Tired of being treated to the rough side of Dr. Damon Finn’s tongue, Julietta decides it’s time for this little mouse to find her spine at FUC Academy. If the ball python wants his mate, he’s going to have to change his perspective. Will Damon convince Julietta mating him isn’t all bad?

*These 3 paranormal romance EveL Worlds novellas are set in Eve Langlais’ Furry United Coalition (F.U.C.) World.


The Maverick Pride Tales and the Dire Wolf Mates – A Who’s Who Guide ;-)

Hunter Maverick, Neta of the Maverick Pride meets his mate in curvy human Elissa Phoenix, in Purrfectly Mated.

Brayden Smith, Black Bear Shifter formerly of the Barvale Clan and new Beta of the Maverick Pride finds his mate in Jessica Maverick, Tiger Shifter and sister to the Neta in Purrfectly Kissed.

Human hairstylist, Gretchen Kaepernick, meets her mate in Maverick Pride Tiger Shifter Reg Cray in Purrfectly Trapped.

Pride healer, Mike Turner, finds more than he could have every hoped for with she-Cat Kylie McNaughton in Purrfectly Caught.

Javier Auberon, an Andean Bear Shifter with a surprise, finds his mate in Pamela Brown, Maverick Pride bad girl turned good in Purrfectly Naughty.

Lance Jacosa, the youngest Maverick Pride Honor Guard, finds bliss with curvy human genius Annalia Reese in Purrfectly Bound.

Annabeth Golden is a Lioness looking for love, which she finds with Uncle Uzzi’s driver, reluctant Falcon Shifter, Hank Garret in Purrfectly Paired.

Pierce McDowd is the last honor guard of the Maverick Pride to find his mate in fiery Antonetta Golden, with a little push from Uncle Uzzi these two will find their love is Purrfectly Timed.

Derrick Rand, Alpha of the Dire Wolf MC, finds his fated mate in Lucy Corwin, hybrid Cat Shifter in Shake That Sass.

Sheila Rand, the DWMC Alpha’s cousin, can’t resist the charms of her very own Lion Prince, Leo Crowley, in Breaking Sass.

Brock Laurent, Beta Dire Wolf and head chef at Serious Moonlight, faces his fears and finds true love with his fated mate Ariella Golden in Pinch of Sass.

Phoenix Tala’s Dire Wolf sends him to visit Maccon City to find his fated mate in the curvy and sweet Tracey Donner in Kickin’ Sass.

Look for DWMC Wolf, Weylin Scott’s story in Love That Sass.

Look for DWMC Wolf, Thor Ulger’s story in Kiss My Sass.

Look for DWMC Wolf, Cole Mingan’s story in Purrfectly F*cked– cover coming soon.

Shifter of the day highlight… DRAGONS!

The Falk Clan Tales

Readers beware… here be Dragons!

After 500 years of servitude, these sexy Dragon males must find and woo their modern mates. Read the Falk Clan Tales today and discover unique Dragon Shifters and their journey to true love.

Maccon City is in for a thrill when a group of sexy Dragon Shifters comes to town, seeking sanctuary and looking for their mates. Building a castle is the easy part, filling it with love is the challenge.

Will they succeed? Read to find out!

This series began with four Falk brothers and their quests to find their mates, but since its inception has evolved to include a long lost brother, and a few other Dragons in need of true love!

Each of the Dragons in this series has a mark on his chest of his rose. It is the magical link to his heart and his magic. A matching gemstone goes with it and it can only be gifted to a true mate.

I hope you enjoy these fast paced, insta-love, happy ever after tales! Each one was written with a touch of humor and a pinch of sass.

The Wyvern Protection Unit – Formerly part of a shared world, these stories are getting new names, new covers, and a total rewrite with additional scenes, characters and about 20K added words each. Look for Gift Wrapped Protector coming this April!

Mated to the Dragon King

A Purely Paranormal Romance Book

Cora Tesouro is an account specialist for Merlin Banking Solutions, the most well-known supernaturally run bank in the world. She gets handpicked to work one on one with an important overseas client. Delighted at the challenge, she leaves immediately. But what is she to do when the Dragon King claims she’s his mate?

Waterlocked – The Wardens of Terra

Will Nathan Silvertongue, a cranky SeaDragon, change his attitude after he gets trapped by sassy Witch and Junior Station Master, Phoebe Bright?




Asterion: Speed Dating with the Denizens of the Underworld 

Tiger Rejected

Pinch of Sass

Purrfectly Paired

Guardians of Chaos Volume 1

Guardians of Chaos Volume 2

Hearts of Stone Books 1-3 Boxed Set


LLS Author Promo Book Fair




Audiobook GIVEAWAY Promo

Giveaway link: https://kingsumo.com/g/aq0ier/win-a-125-chirp-gift-card


Dragon It’s Cold Outside by Julia Mills  https://geni.us/9v1sZb

Hexes and Hearts: A Paranormal Romance Charity Anthology: books2read.com/hexesandhearts

The Blood Chronicles: Paris by Julie Morgan https://books2read.com/tbc2/

Potion Making For Disastrous Witches (Obscure Academy #5) by Laura Greenwood: books2read.com/potionmakingfordisastrouswitches

The Baklava Witch (Broomstick Bakery #4) by Laura Greenwood: books2read.com/thebaklavawitch

The Otter and the Officer (The Shifter Season #5) by Laura Greenwood: books2read.com/theotterandtheofficer

Witch’s Frost (A Purple Oasis Story) by Laura Greenwood: books2read.com/witchsfrost

Triton: Speed Dating with the Denizens of the Underworld by Quell T. Fox  https://books2read.com/Underworld23

Blood & Ash by Ariel Dawn: https://books2read.com/Slayer3

Damien by Eve Riley https://books2read.com/FPA6


from C.D. Gorri

Bearly Breathing is $0.99 EVERYWHERE March12-30

The Complete Grazi Kelly Novel Series is just $2.99 March 14-21

Water Witch @2.99 (50% off) Mar 2nd-16th WIDE ONLY https://books2read.com/Westwood1

Mated By Moonlight @.99 Mar 9th-23rd WIDE ONLY https://books2read.com/MIHF1

Moongate Island Mate @.99 Mar 23rd-April 6th https://books2read.com/MIT1

from amazing author friends

New Orleans Julie Morgan @.99 –Wide only Mar 9th-23rd https://books2read.com/TBC1

Sigil Fire Erzabet Bishop @.99 –Wide only Mar 9th-23rd https://books2read.com/SF1UF

Heart’s Protector Erzabet Bishop @.99 –Wide only Mar 23rd-April 6th https://books2read.com/u/bPR11l

Blood & Bones Ariel Dawn @.99 –wide only Mar 9th-23rd https://books2read.com/Slayer1

Her Patriotic Prince by Ayla Asher On sale EVERYWHERE for 99c from 3/13-3/19.💖 https://books2read.com/HPP

Ravens of War set by Elle Boon is $.99 limited time  https://amzn.to/3y7LCMR

Free 26th March – 30th April: Lioness Of Karnak: books2read.com/lionessofkarnak

99 cents March 13-24 Lucky Shenanigans https://books2read.com/luckyshenanigans

Shifter of the day highlight… BEARS!

Do you love big, growly, smexy as heck BEAR SHIFTERS? Me too!

Check out these books featuring furry alpha males and their curvy sassy mates!

The Bear Claw Tales

The Barvale Clan Tales

Barvale Holiday Tales

Hungry For Her Bear

Moon Kissed

Grizzly Lover

Purrfectly Kissed

Purrfectly Naughty

Doubly Claimed

Doubly Tied

Shifter Village

Special $0.99 Preorder Bearly Friends