Hungry As A Python

Magic & Mayhem Universe
Hungry Fur Love Tales

Will Bella learn to trust her instincts and her heart?

Growing up witchy in Castor’s Corner has always had its drawbacks and its perks.

Perk #1

I run a magical bakery which should be fantastic, considering supernaturals usually have incredibly fast metabolisms.

Drawback #1

That super-duper metabolic rate sort of skipped me and my two besties/cousins.

Perk #2

I am constantly trying new recipes to fix that little hiccup, and the results are delicious.

Drawback #2

They never work. Delectable treats equal excess pounds, regardless of my efforts.

Mom always says curvy is as curvy does. And I does, er, I do curvy pretty well.

Along with Evie and Donny, my cousin/besties, I keep Castor’s Corner safe. We make up the magical witch trifecta tasked with protecting our town. A duty we never shirk—except for that one time when Evie was late.

That one blip brought three hunky Shifters to our city, and now my girls walk around town with grins bigger than Aunt Edna’s wazoo! Even our ghostly Grandpa Al seems happy with their growly mates. I’m the odd witch out.

My gut says Conrad Boman, the sexy python Shifter, is the one for me. I just don’t know for sure. Even Petyr, my totally adorable familiar, can’t figure me out.

Summer Solstice is coming, and I have plenty to keep me busy. First, it’s our monthly naked bonfire casting party. Next, I have to find the butthead setting fires in my bakery. And last, I have to make the perfect cake for my friends’ double wedding.

June is bustin’ out all over, and this little baker is pooped. Will I get everything done and still have time for me?

Maybe. Everything good starts with a leap of faith. I just have to learn to trust myself.

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