Hungry For Her Bear

Magic & Mayhem Universe
Hungry Fur Love Tales

Will Donny be able to heal her inner turmoil in order to save her hometown… again?

Castor’s Corner is a special town. A magical town. But it’s also a huge pain in my rear.

Some folks think all I know is hair. Granted, I am a superb stylist with a keen eye. And honestly, I don’t care what anyone says. Beauty is important.

Whether it is a new hair-do or a mani-pedi, changing how someone feels about themselves is a gift. With my special talents, I can improve someone’s day, heal their troubles, and bring them joy. What could be better than that?

The things I can do with a pair of scissors is pure magic. But I am not just a witchy hairdresser. I am one of three witches who make up the trifecta protecting our town. Along with my two BFFs, we keep Castor’s Corner safe from outsiders.

A few moons ago, we kinda let our guard down, and all Hell broke loose in our Jersey shore town. Now, we’ve got three new citizens- one is a seven foot tall hunk who makes my knees weak with his soulful brown eyes and flakey croissants, a few new furry familiars with attitudes the size of Aunt Edna’s wazoo, and the whole revelation that Grandpa Al, who used to be only Evie’s grandfather, was now mine and Bella’s too.

Confused does not even begin to sum up how I am feeling. And I can’t imagine things are going to get any better. How can it when I don’t trust my own feelings?

Avoiding the smexy Shifter is harder than it looks. Especially since he is the only one who can help me channel my suddenly wonky powers, save Grandpa’s ghost from Purgatory, befriend my new familiar who absolutely hates me, and keep my regular clients happy.

Our paths seem irrevocably linked, but I’m not sure I like it. To top it off, a blood moon appears just in time for the town’s annual Halloween Bash, bringing shenanigans, tricksters, and bad juju aplenty.

Can my besties and I rescue Castor’s Corner from certain peril?

Sure. I just have to do it without succumbing to a certain Bear’s charms.

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