Sweet As Candy

A Howlin' Good Fairytale Retelling

He’s a big bad wolf with a sweet tooth, and she’s sweet as candy.

After leaving home for a jaunt in the woods, local twins, Hansel, and Gretel, were missing for two whole months before returning to their parents’ loving arms. As if that wasn’t enough headline fodder, the cherubic children named a beloved Pinesville business owner as their kidnapper!

My Granny.

When the owner of The Sweet Shoppe is arrested and forced to face criminal charges, of course, she called the one person she could depend on to uncover the truth.


My name is Candice Bellamy, and I am a Witch just like Granny. Someone has framed her for this heinous crime, and I am going to set things right. Only, I might be in over my head.

Thank goodness for Luke Lawson! My lanky and tongue-tied childhood neighbor is all grown up, and this hunky Shifter just happens to be the detective in charge of Granny’s case.

Will I clear Granny’s name and hold on to my heart before this is over?

*Find out in this Howlin’ Good Hansel & Gretel Retelling.

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