The Maverick Pride Tales and the Dire Wolf Mates – A Who’s Who Guide ;-)

Hunter Maverick, Neta of the Maverick Pride meets his mate in curvy human Elissa Phoenix, in Purrfectly Mated.

Brayden Smith, Black Bear Shifter formerly of the Barvale Clan and new Beta of the Maverick Pride finds his mate in Jessica Maverick, Tiger Shifter and sister to the Neta in Purrfectly Kissed.

Human hairstylist, Gretchen Kaepernick, meets her mate in Maverick Pride Tiger Shifter Reg Cray in Purrfectly Trapped.

Pride healer, Mike Turner, finds more than he could have every hoped for with she-Cat Kylie McNaughton in Purrfectly Caught.

Javier Auberon, an Andean Bear Shifter with a surprise, finds his mate in Pamela Brown, Maverick Pride bad girl turned good in Purrfectly Naughty.

Lance Jacosa, the youngest Maverick Pride Honor Guard, finds bliss with curvy human genius Annalia Reese in Purrfectly Bound.

Annabeth Golden is a Lioness looking for love, which she finds with Uncle Uzzi’s driver, reluctant Falcon Shifter, Hank Garret in Purrfectly Paired.

Pierce McDowd is the last honor guard of the Maverick Pride to find his mate in fiery Antonetta Golden, with a little push from Uncle Uzzi these two will find their love is Purrfectly Timed.

Derrick Rand, Alpha of the Dire Wolf MC, finds his fated mate in Lucy Corwin, hybrid Cat Shifter in Shake That Sass.

Sheila Rand, the DWMC Alpha’s cousin, can’t resist the charms of her very own Lion Prince, Leo Crowley, in Breaking Sass.

Brock Laurent, Beta Dire Wolf and head chef at Serious Moonlight, faces his fears and finds true love with his fated mate Ariella Golden in Pinch of Sass.

Phoenix Tala’s Dire Wolf sends him to visit Maccon City to find his fated mate in the curvy and sweet Tracey Donner in Kickin’ Sass.

Look for DWMC Wolf, Weylin Scott’s story in Love That Sass.

Look for DWMC Wolf, Thor Ulger’s story in Kiss My Sass.

Look for DWMC Wolf, Cole Mingan’s story in Purrfectly F*cked– cover coming soon.