Purrfectly Bound

A Maverick Pride Tale Book 6

The youngest Honor Guard in the Maverick Pride is about to lose his stripes

Lance Jacosa has spent his youth working his way through the females of Maverick Point, but something is wrong, and the young stud has lost his mojo. He needs help—the professional kind.

It’s a good thing Uncle Uzzi is coming down to Maverick Point for a visit—even better when Lance discovers the old Witch has the Tiger Shifter’s mate with him.

Annalia Reese has agreed to accept help from her neighbor, the owner of a matchmaking service, but can she trust the elderly man’s claims that supernatural creatures exist? Even crazier, Uncle Uzzi swears that Shifters love curvy girls!

Will a plus-sized human take on a guy with a Tiger-sized crush?

Find out in Purrfectly Bound.