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Breaking Sass: Dire Wolf Mates 2: Sassy Ever After by C.D. Gorri

What happens when a sassy Dire Wolf with a penchant for breaking rules and a Lion in love with the law clash?

She’s a sassy Dire Wolf with a penchant for speed, and he’s a Lion who knows how to lay down the law. When these two dominant personalities clash, something has got to give.


Sheila Rand is the only female member of the Dire Wolf Motorcycle Club. Rare and powerful Shifters, these Dire Wolves have moved to Blue Creek to make a permanent home. As the Alpha’s cousin, Sheila’s outspoken nature and habitual rule-breaking is overlooked by her Packmates, but not by him. Mr. Law and Order thinks he can break her, but he doesn’t know who he’s dealing with!


Leonard Crawley was one of Blue Creek Police Department’s only Shifter detectives. He’d worked hard against the prejudice that often kept his kind from becoming part of mainstream life. With his father ailing, Leo has to take time off to help with the Pride. When the elders insist he take a mate to assume his rightful position as Alpha, Leo has a surprise for them. He’s already met her.


Sheila wants to ride her Harley and tend bar at Serious Moonlight, she doesn’t want a mate. Especially not a puffed up pussycat! But Fate won’t be denied.


Will Leo and Sheila discover how much fun breaking sass can be?

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©2017 by C.D. Gorri, NJ, USA

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