A Bear for Christmas: A Barvale Christmas Tale (Barvale Holiday Tales Book 1) 

At 47 years old, Jillian Osborn was too old to believe in fairy tales and finding love twice in one lifetime wasn't in the cards for her, or was it? Every time she saw him, she couldn't help but long for the handsome Tim Jacobs in spite of her honorable husband's memory.

Ornery widower and Black Bear Shifter, Tim Jacobs had already found his true love. After his first wife passed away, he wanted nothing to do with the opposite sex. Then Jillian walked into his life, and he's been lusting after the stubborn flower shop owner ever since.

It didn't help that his daughter and her stepdaughter were BFFs. The confounded woman was everywhere he went. Every social event and gathering without fail.

When the girls plan for a family holiday dinner together, Tim is determined to stay away for both their goods. Then Jillian knocks on his door demanding an explanation. It's all the older Bear can do to keep his animal from staking his claim. His Black Bear knows what he wants, but his human side just isn't sure.

Will Jillian wind up with a Bear for Christmas?

Find out in this short and steamy paranormal romance.

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©2017 by C.D. Gorri, NJ, USA

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