Thank You Beary Much

Harvest season is here, and for one of Barvale’s own that means reaping what he’s sowed!

AJ Ramirez thought his life was over when the Enforcer Security Unit caught him tagging cabins on Lake Ursa when he was just a teen. But the Black Bear Shifter has come a long way since then.

Graduating with honors from the local community college and opening his own Taqueria in Barvale was like a dream come true. Life was good. Almost perfect.

If only he could forget that one passionate night he’d spent with a gorgeous stranger in Cancun last spring break. He’d spent a week celebrating his upcoming graduation, leaving his friends high and dry to spend his days and nights in her company. A year later, he still dreamt about the beautiful Estella Baron.

Imagine his shock when she comes to Barvale looking for her husband. Him!