Wolf Bride

The Tale Of Ailis and Eoghan

The Macconwood Pack Tales 1 

"One bride, two Wolves, and a love neither of them knew was possible."

He is the first son of the Alpha, a warrior, and a Hound of God. Duty bound to secure the future of his Pack. 
He must sacrifice his freedom and marry the lass of his father’s choosing, but a chance meeting changes his mind. 

She is the property of her father. A woman with a secret and a yearning for the truth. Lies, threats, Dark Magic, and betrayal are just some of the forces driving their future. 

Will Eoghan and Ailis find true love in spite of it all?

Find out how it all began in this prequel to the Macconwood Pack Series. 

*Newly edited and now available in The Macconwood Pack Tales Volume 1

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