Sealed Fate

A NYC Shifter Tale 2

Can a Tiger ever change his stripes?

Yasmin Malek is a talented dancer who never caught a break. Working at a gentlemen’s club three nights a week was not her ideal job, but the Lioness Shifter will do anything to make sure her son has a bed to sleep in and food on the table.

Konstantin Petrov is a Siberian Tiger Shifter and owner of The Stripe Club, a members only establishment featuring top shelf liquor and the finest dancers in NYC. He’s had his eye on the gorgeous single mother for months now. His Tiger knows she is theirs, but he has yet to make a move.

A loner, he left Russia and came to the states to avoid Russia being recruited by the Ivanovich Bratva. Now the brutal mobster has come to NYC, and he’s forcing Konstantin to launder his blood money.

For Yasmin’s sake, he is determined to tell Ivanovich no. But when the crime lord kidnaps his little sister, what else can Konstantin do?

Is this Tiger’s fate sealed, or will he change his destiny?

*Grab Lawful Mate by Elena Kincaid for another side to this story

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