Virtue Saved

A NYC Shifter Tale

Virtue comes in all shapes and sizes…

Alina Petrova has gone from practicing ballet as an understudy in Russia to being cooped up in her big brother’s fancy house in New Jersey. She is finished waiting for the men in her life to come rescue her. Especially the big Grizzly with the gorgeous brown eyes. If he won’t claim her, then she will have to take matters into her own hands.

Eduardo Valens is a Bear Shifter and an ex-mercenary working for one of the biggest, baddest Tigers in NYC. He owes the guy for saving his life more than once, which is why there is no way in hell he is going to take the man’s little sister as his mate. Until matters are taken out of his hands. 

When the son of the Bratva boss they sent to prison sets his sights on Alina, there is nothing Eduardo won’t do to save her life…and her virtue.

Will the she-Tiger get her Bear? Find out in Virtue Saved.

*Get the other side to this story in Bruised Force by Elena Kincaid

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