The Macconwood Pack

Let me introduce you to the Macconwood Pack! I have divided these stories into two series, one is the Macconwood Pack Novels Series and the other is the Macconwood Pack Tales!


Characters may overlap, but each story centers on how one couple, involving one or more Pack member, finds true love.

Each book is a complete story and can be read alone, though I admit they are better read in order, as characters may show up in each other's stories.


After all, Pack is family!

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The Macconwood Pack Series

by C.D. Gorri

In the Macconwood Pack, each book tells the story of how one (or more) Pack members find true love.

Each book is a complete story and can be read alone, though I admit they are better read in order so you can get a real feel for the characters as they will show up in each other's stories. After all, Pack is


Macconwood Pack Novel Series

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"Can Rafe convince Charley to be his before the meeting of Pack elders on Christmas Eve? Will she be his one true mate, for life?" - Charley's Christmas Wolf

"Will spunky Werewolf, Cat Maccon, find true love with her brother's Wolf Guard, Tate Nighthawk, or is it too late for them?" - Cat's Howl

"He never thought of himself as a family man, but sometimes things changed... " - Code Wolf

"Once upon a time magic tore them apart, now it's the only thing that can save them!" - The Witch and The Werewolf

"He's an uptight attorney, she's a sexy paralegal. When things happen beyond their control, they will both learn there's more than one way to claim a wolf!" - To Claim A Wolf


"She was just another assignment, but what happens to this cocky Werewolf when she turns out to be so much more?" - Conall's Mate 

The Macconwood Pack Tales

"One bride, two Wolves, and a love neither of them knew was possible." - Wolf Bride

"Sometimes love comes back to bite you." - Summer Bite

"Can a wounded Wolf find love the second time around?" - His Winter Mate

"Can Alpha wolf, Rafe Maccon, survive his mate’s pregnancy?" - Charley's Baby Surprise

"Werewolves mate for life." - Snow Angel

“One girl, one Wolf, and whole lot of mistletoe!” – Home For The Howlidays

"She was taken from him once before, now he's never letting go." - A Silver Wedding

Available BOXED SETS:

The Macconwood Pack Tales Volume 1


Wolf Bride

Summer Bite

Charley's Baby Surprise


Shifters Furever: The Macconwood Pack Tales Volume 2


His Winter Mate

Snow Angel

Home For The Howlidays


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