Ready for some more shenanigans? A new FUCN’A book is on its way!

Hey wonderful readers,

Did you know Chickee and the Paparazzi will be here in just 4 days? Well, it will! Are you ready for some hilarious FUCN’A fun Jersey Sure Shifter style?

Sneak peek:

This hen was not about to get plucked by some weasel in nice clothing.

“Did you just call security on me? I’m an agent, Ms. Prinz. You know what that means, right? I am on the same side as you!” he stated, seemingly astounded.

“All I know is you are following me, like your unscrupulous father did for my entire life, Mr. Marten. Do you people have no shame?” Chickee asked, pushing her short, blonde hair behind her ears.

“Ms. Prinz, I am not working for my father’s paper any longer. I just said I’m an agent—”  

“Photographers from The World According to Marten have been hounding me for years. There is no way I believe you. Besides, coincidence or not, I will not work anywhere you or your family have any influence. Excuse me. Officer?”

“Did you call for security, miss?”

“Yes, I did. I need to see Ms. Cooper now,” she said, straightening her shoulders.

Without looking at Dario, Chickee tossed her scarf over her head and hustled behind the confused-looking security officer. She did not care what the weasel behind her did, follow or not. Chickee was on a mission, and she needed to have a meeting with Director Cooper.

Right now.

Contract or not, Chickee Prinz was not about to stick around to get screwed by another Marten. And, no, she did not mean in the fun, smexy-times way.

Cluck cluck?

No, she snapped at her inner horn-bird.

This was not the time to get all googly-eyed over some tall, dark, sexy-as-all-get-out-but-completely-unattainable man. Besides, she should never allow her guard down around a Marten! His family was evil.

Fine. Maybe not evil. But they were the worst kind of paparazzi scum she had ever encountered. There were dozens of tall, strapping males inside the Marten family group. Those tayra males had disguised themselves as everything from coaches and teachers to nurses, doctors, and even fellow students to get the inside scoop on Chickee when she was a kid.

She was so not doing this. Typically, if there was a Marten around, Chickee would flee. But was she really going to give up another dream because of one unscrupulous little weasel?

That was the real question.


I can’t wait for you to read this!