Shifter Christmas Howlidays

‘Tis the season to get furry!

Join USA Today Bestselling & Award winning authors as we come together to celebrate the Howlidays with steamy Shifter Christmas stories just for you.

Lions, Tigers, Dragons, Bears, Wolves, and more await you in this collection of holiday paranormal romance and urban fantasy tales.

Naughty or nice, escape between the pages and get swept away with the new book boyfriends waiting under the tree.

Stories guaranteed to jingle your bells.

But you have to hurry, this anthology won’t last forever…

*Featuring Moongate Island Christmas Claim by C.D. Gorri

Moongate Island Christmas Claim

She’s an overworked executive. Can he show her some fun?

A Vampire needing a vacation, goes to an island predominantly inhabited by shifters. What could possibly go wrong?

How about an accidental claiming ceremony on Christmas Eve that proves binding by supernatural law? It’s not a matter of who bit who, despite the feuding couples’ claims when they take it to the Island Judge.

The real question is whether Adam, a solitary Shark Shifter, and Eve, a Vampire trying to find peace in her busy life, will end up claimed for life?

Find out in this Moongate Island Christmas tale!

Shifters Ever After

Find your Happily Ever After…in Shifters Ever After!

Dive into worlds of wonder-filled paranormal romance and urban fantasy with sizzling stories of shifters and their sassy fated mates as only Shifters Unleashed can deliver.

Escape reality and go along for a journey of tantalizing tales with Wolves, Lions, Dragons, Bears, oh my, and so many more.

Realize your dreams and live the fantasy with Shifters Ever After.

Grab this limited edition anthology featuring USA Today Bestselling and award-winning authors!

*Featuring Shifter Village

Once Upon An Ever After Anthology

Sleeping Beauty has insomnia.
Snow White isn’t so pure.
And Belle just may be the Beast.

These authors have joined together to bring you stories so good, you can’t help but tell them again…

Imagine all your favorite fairy tales retold by bestselling romance authors…oh yeah, you get the idea.

Escape into the fantasy of your favorite bedtime stories reimagined with fresh new twists and turns for you to immerse yourself in. This set features kickass heroines, swoon worthy heroes, and epic villains you won’t wanna miss!

When it comes to urban fantasy paranormal romance, we’re bringing you all the magical feels in one beautifully packaged limited edition collection.

*Featuring my book Sweet As Candy

Twice Mated Tales

The Freeman sisters are on their way to Moongate Island for a weekend of decadence and sunshine! They’re in for twice the surprise when they run into three sets of Alpha and Omega Shifters, each looking for a third to complete their Triad. Can three sassy sisters discover just how much fun mating can be when they get double the dose of Shifter love?

The Council of Triads is meeting on Moongate Island to discuss a very serious problem. These three sets of Alpha/Omega Shifter pairs need to find their mates! Only then can they seal the bond between them and access the powers necessary for leading their Clans. But are these fierce men ready to fall in love?

Find out in this trilogy featuring three Alpha/Omega Triad pairs and their fated mates.

Barvale Holiday Tales Volume 1

Welcome to Barvale, New Jersey!

These short, fast-paced, steamy, holiday stories are set in the bear shifter town we grew know and love in The Bear Claw Tales and The Barvale Clan Series.


A Bear For Christmas

At 47 years old, Jillian Osborn was too old to believe in fairy tales and finding love twice in one lifetime wasn’t in the cards for her, or was it? 

Hers To Bear

When Maisy returns to town, Arthur can’t believe his luck. Maybe this time around, he can reveal his secret, and win the girl.

Thank You Beary Much 

One week away celebrating his graduation, AJ left his friends high and dry to spend his days and nights in her company. A year later and he still dreamt about the beautiful Estella Baron.

If you like happy-ever-after’s, you will love these paranormal romances, each one set around a holiday season.

The Barvale Clan Tales Books 1-4

Four Polar Bear Shifters from the wilds of Alaska have moved to our South Jersey town of Barvale.

Inside this collection is books 1-4 in the Barvale Clan Tales:

Polar Opposites
Polar Outbreak
Polar Compound
Polar Curve

These sexy Shifters desperately long to settle down as permanent members of the Barvale Clan so they can finally have a place to call home.

Time is running out. The terms of their arrangement dictate that without a solid invitation from the Barvale Clan Alpha, the quartet must return to their previous Clan where they were treated as nothing more than outsiders. Hated and feared by those around them.

There’s just one small problem. The Barvale Alpha has made it clear that unless they get better control of their Polar Bears, he will not take them in. To do that, the four Polars must find their one true mates. It is the only way to settle the wild beasts inside of them!

Will fate deliver their perfect mates before time runs out?

A Furry Little Christmas

What do you get when you mix two Wolves with a little holiday spirit?

A furry little Christmas…

Stephanie DeMarco sold her house to take over her late father’s business, but running a Christmas tree farm is a lot harder than it looks. There are events to organize, vendors to hire, and one huge, very serious issue to deal with. Stephanie needs a Santa Claus stat!

What she doesn’t need is entanglements of any kind while she figures out what it is she really wants to do at this stage of her life. 

Tell that to the hunk her Pack’s Alpha sent to work for the almost fifty she-Wolf. She might be getting older, but some things simply won’t be denied. Like her attraction to the sexy as sin Nicholas Winters.

Will Stephanie steer clear of the hot young Werewolf or will she wind up all tangled in tinsel with Manning Farms’ new Santa?

Once You Go Shifter

You know what they say, once you go shifter…

Dreamy werewolves, bears, and other supernatural creatures like vampires, ghosts, witches, demons, and more will steal your heart in this limited edition anthology crafted by bestselling and award-winning urban fantasy and paranormal romance authors.

If you love fated mates, strong characters, forbidden love, and dangerous alpha men, indulge your cravings, fall in love, and discover your new favorite book boyfriend in these otherworldly tales.

Bet you can’t read just one…

*Featuring Shifter City

The Magic of Midnight

Some say midnight is the witching hour. Are you ready to believe in magic?

Enter a world of supernatural mysticism, where Witches, Werewolves, Fairies, Vampires, Demons, and more roam the shadows at night.

Are you brave enough to journey with bestselling and award-winning authors into fantastical worlds where spells are cast, curses broken, heroic friends are made, and adventures are filled with epic excitement?

The magic happens at midnight…don’t miss it.