The Maverick Pride Tales Books 7-9

Welcome to Maverick Point, where you will find tales featuring paranormal romance with growly Shifters and their curvy fated mates with the help of Uncle Uzzi’s Magical Matchmaking Service! Purrfectly happy ever afters for all.

Purrfectly Paired
Hank Garret doesn’t need any help finding a mate. Too bad Uncle Uzzi won’t take no for an answer.
Purrfectly Timed
Pierce is on the hunt for someone to call his own, but this kitty throws him for a loop.
Purrfectly F*cked
Can cats and dogs get along under the right circumstances? Or will Cole and Megan wind up purrfectly f*cked?

Enjoy this series of omnibuses exclusively in print with new discreet covers.